Polycom Trio 8800 Review – Poly’s Game Changing Conference Phone

Read our review of an audio and video conferencing game changer?

Polycom Trio 8800 Review – Poly’s Game Changing Conference Phone

Founded in 1990 and based in San Jose, California, Polycom (now Poly) is a world market leading Telecoms Company that designs a wide range of innovative communication tools for numerous different types of businesses across the world.

Though the brand is universally recognised and highly popular, we have decided to write a review on the Polycom Trio 8800 to help you decide whether or not this brand is right for your business type by explaining the features available on this headset along with its advantages and disadvantages.

However, before we continue with the review we feel we must inform you that we are not selling this product. Instead, this review is written with the intention of helping potential buyers make the right decision for their business by passing on our professional opinion.

What is the Polycom Trio 8800?

For businesses looking to take their first step into a brighter future, the Polycom Trio 8800 is the world’s first smart hub tool for group collaboration that offers a unique audio and visual experience alike no other. With crystal clear sound quality, groundbreaking visual collaboration features and a fully scalable modular design that benefits businesses of all types and sizes, the Polycom Trio 8800 is a definite game changer and worthy asset for any business owner.

What can it do?

When building relationships with clients and colleagues, it pays to invest in a communications tool that is capable of capturing the power of the human voice in all of its glory. Though many phone systems can transmit basic audio from one place to another, few possess the ability to capture genuine human emotion in the way that the Polycom Trio 8800 can with its patented HD Voice and NoiseBlock technology. With this highly advanced deep, rich audio and noise-cancelling hardware, users are easily able to instil confidence in their listener, build up trust with them and deliver the kind of service that ensures said clients remain loyal to the business and the services it offers for years to come.

As well as this, any business owners looking to reduce hardware costs whilst simultaneously increasing the productivity and efficiency of their workers would be highly interested in the bring your own device (BYOD) feature available on the Polycom Trio 8800. With this feature, users can access all of the 8800 feature directly from a mobile, PC or laptop device of their choosing for heightened comfort, practicality and ease-of-use.

Moreover, businesses wanting to increase collaboration may be happy to know that Trio is the only smart hub on the market flexible enough to offer HD content sharing directly from a mobile device, PC or laptop. This way, colleagues can instantly share ideas, concepts, images and videos whenever they want from whichever device happens to be closest to them at any specific moment in time.

With 360 ° microphone coverage and a local 5-way HD conference feature, the Trio also works as a highly effective conferencing tool that successfully brings groups of people together and creates a rich collaborative environment where ideas and information can be shared freely and clearly.

In addition to the impeccable sound quality the Trio offers, users are also able to engage in face-to-face conversations with clients and colleagues for a communication experience that is even more lifelike. With full support for 1080p30 USB cameras, the Trio 8800 enables user to build even more trust with their clients and ensure that collaborate even clearer by capturing facial expressions and taking the conversation to the next level.

From and administrative perspective, the Power-over-Ethernet feature allows for an easy deployment and low cost setup that drastically reduces installation fees and disruptions in productivity. Alongside this, a stylish and easy to use 5” LCD, colour touch screen display enables simple navigation and creates a user-friendly interface that can be operated with minimal training.    

What are our favourite bits?

When you take into consideration the many different ways in which this solution can help improve communication quality, reduce outgoing costs, improve client relations and help develop a much more collaborative working environment amongst colleagues, its hard to pick just one. Having said that, we were very impressed with way in which the Polycom hub allows users to utilise their own mobile/laptop/PC devices and use them to share HD content directly.

Who would benefit most from this phone?

As a multi purpose tool that helps improve group collaboration within a conference and meeting setting, we feel that just about every business can benefit from this tool and cannot choose one type over the other. As a fully scalable solution, businesses of different seizes can adjust the solution according to their needs, making this an excellent choice for any company looking to improve the call quality and, staff productivity within their workforce.

What do we think?

It may sound a little over the top to say this is a unique product that is unlike anything we’ve seen before, but in this case that may very well be true. As a complete solution that really helps harness the spirit of teamwork and gives businesses the tools they need to work together whilst simultaneously helping improve the relationships they share with their clients, the Polycom Trio is second to none.

However, this is just our opinion and if you have had any experience with this product that you wish to share, please feel free to submit your comments, views, feelings and whatever else in the section below.



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