VTech ErisStation VCS754 SIP Conference Phone Review

Read our review of the VTech ErisStation VCS754 SIP Conference Phone

VTech ErisStation VCS754 SIP Conference Phone Review

As a world market leading electronics manufacturer that builds everything from children’s educational toys to cutting edge business phones, there’s no doubting that VTech is a corporate giant that has a dominating presence in a number of different markets – but how effective are their telecommunication products at a corporate level?

With this in mind, we have decided to write a review on one of their flagship business communication tools, the VTech ErisStation VCS754 SIP Conference Phone, to give potential all potential buyers the low down on what advantages it can offer businesses, what kind of businesses would benefit from it and what we feel makes this a good or bad purchase for business use.

However, before we continue we must inform you that we do not sell this product. Instead, we are simply trying to help people decide which phone is right for their business by giving an educated evaluation of the pros and cons.

Look and feel – would the VTech ErisStation VCS754 suit your office?

When looking at the VTech ErisStation VCS754 SIP Conference Phone, it’s clear to see that a lot of thought was put into its centrepiece design and all measures have been taken to ensure impeccable audio quality is achieved during every conference call. With its four wireless microphones capable of reaching every corner of the meeting room and a simple yet effective user-friendly interface and dial pad that allows quick access to the numerous call features, its clear that the VTech ErisStation VCS754 would be a valuable asset to almost any business.

What can the VCS754 do?

With a powerful, full-duplex central speakerphone at its base, the VTech ErisStation VCS754 ensures that no speaker present in the conference room will ever miss any instructions or information given during the call and no details will ever be lost or misinterpreted. As well as drastically raising productivity rates by eliminating the chance of errors, this feature also means that callers receive a much more authentic and lifelike audio experience that makes them feel as though the person speaking to them is actually present in the room.

To compliment this, the HD Voice Quality & Four Wireless Microphones available on the VCS754 ensures that all speakers can be recorded individually with high definition clarity to ensure that the caller on the other end of the line is able to understand everything that is being said. Unlike single microphone conference phones, this four-way, noise cancelling microphone system prevents cross talk contamination and makes it much easier to separate audio recordings for medium-sized group meetings.

Another impressive feature is the eight-hour talk time battery for every wireless microphone along with a seventy-hour standby time to ensure calls can be continuously made for long periods of time from any location that is most suitable. As well as drastically reducing productivity disruption by promising to support a conference call for an entire working day per charge, the added mobility this feature gives to users means that they are free to set up the VTech ErisStation VCS754 wherever they please.

From an administrative perspective, the VTech ErisStation VCS754 is highly flexible and supports up to 3 SIP account registrations. As well as this, users can use the highly user-friendly dial pad to easily access the abundance of call features such as DND, Call Hold, Call Forwarding, Call Barring/Blocking, Call History, 200 Capacity Phonebook plus many, many more all at the click of a button.

What are our favourite bits?

Though there are many desirable features that make the VTech ErisStation VCS754 such a great conference phone, if we had to choose just one it would have to be the four-piece wireless speakerphone system. As well as delivering excellent sound quality to ensure that absolutely audio clarity remains consistent througoght the call, the long battery life ensures that users can reap the benefits for an entire working ay on a single charge, thus massively reducing call disruption times and ensuring that conference calls can be made whenever it is necessary to do so.

Who would benefit most from this phone?

As a product that is marketed specifically towards small-medium sized businesses, we believe that any company that typically holds conference calls with 5-10 participants would benefit most from this product. For larger numbers of callers the audio quality is likely to be unsatisfactory and we recommend investing in a more suitable solution that can cater for the audio requirements of groups of up to say 18 people or more.

What do we think?

At an average price of £480/$620, we believe that the VTech ErisStation VCS754 is a fantastic investment for any small to medium sized business and offers a wide variety of features that can really help improve productivity in the workplace and create a strong collaborative working environment.

However, if you feel differently about this or believe the phone is more suitable to other working environments we would love to hear what you have to say in the comments section located at the bottom of this page. Here you are free to be as critical as you desire and you can even contribute to an overall rating system that lets prospective buyers know exactly how reliable this phone is.

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