TELES and Snom Announce New Partnership

New tech partnership forms with Snom and TELES

TELES and Snom Announce New Partnership

Leading IP phone manufacturer, Snom, and leading EU UCaaS provider, TELES recently formed a new tech partnership. The collaboration will ensure better integration and interoperability of both of the two company’s solutions for communication.

The TELES brand, founded in 1983, is one of the leading providers of communication systems for business customers and carriers. There are currently 300 network operators relying on TELES’ services. A cloud-based solution provides customers with a flexible and scalable strategy for developing their telephony network.

Today, more businesses are embracing the UCaaS cloud delivery model, in an attempt to access greater agility and reduced cost within their organisation.

Snom Joins the TELES Partner List

The connection between Snom and TELES sees Snom joining a list of interoperability partners. This collaboration will help to support the integration of Snom phones into VoIP cloud services. The TELES programme for interoperability was designed to support the roll-out of UC solutions for service providers. The facility also features an in-depth interoperability test, integration into the provisioning of UCaaS platforms, and options to explore new software versions.

Snom phones can now easily plug into the TELES UCaaS experience, with fast deployment and full integration for end-users. Snom’s latest phones, including the D120, D385, and D785 have already completed their interoperability tests with the Voice Application Server from TELES. They will soon be fully integrated into the complete provisioning service. The new partnership also means that future phones designed by Snom will integrate into the TELES environment before hitting the market.

An Exciting Step for Snom

The Head of Interop and Integration at Snom, Mark Wiegleb, said that the new collaboration is an excellent step for Snom. It adds another well-established cloud strategy to a list of already impressive Snom-compatible solutions. Going forward, the Snom team will also be undergoing TELES training to ensure that they can provide the best-possible personalised experiences to customers.

With the new tech partnership, not only is interoperability between products easier to achieve, but the UCaaS experience benefits from the shared experience of both companies. TELES COO, Thomas Haydn, said that the team was proud to welcome Snom as a partner with their UCaaS solution. They believe that service providers will see significant benefits from the combination of their cloud services and Snom’s IP phones.

Snom will be present at the Cloud Communications Summit in London this month, showcasing their systems on the 7th of March for countless enthusiastic members of the community.



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