The Top Microsoft Teams Certified Endpoints and Device Vendors for 2023 

Certified endpoints and devices for Microsoft Teams

The Top Microsoft Teams Certified Endpoints and Device Vendors for 2023
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Last Edited: May 22, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Microsoft Teams has quickly emerged as one of the most popular platforms for communication, collaboration, and productivity in the digital landscape.  

More than just a tool for chat and video conferencing, Teams provides companies with everything they need to unify their workforce and synchronize distributed staff. The comprehensive platform empowers team members with integrated apps for productivity, streamlined channels for messaging, and state-of-the-art conferencing software. 

However, to make the most of Teams, companies still need to ensure they’re investing in the right endpoints and devices for their employees. Fortunately, Microsoft partners with a range of device manufacturers capable of offering certified solutions in the form of webcams, microphones, speakers, and comprehensive room kits. Here are just some of the top vendors of certified hardware solutions available for Microsoft Teams users today.  

  • Yealink
  • EPOS
  • Jabra
  • HP/Poly
  • Logitech
  • AudioCodes
  • Nureva
  • Crestron
  • Lenovo
  • Neat
  • Yamaha
  • Bose
  • AVer
  • Sony
  • Bang & Olufsen
  • Cisco
  • Vaddio


Offering a host of endpoints and solutions for business leaders, Yealink produces everything from IP phones to straightforward webcams, headsets, and even VC devices. The company’s broad portfolio includes a library of solutions specially designed for Microsoft Teams, including comprehensive room kits for plug-and-play video conferencing, intelligent cameras, and Teams phones.  

As a certified Gold Communications partner for Microsoft, Yealink has designed numerous tools to suit the needs of different business environments and meeting rooms. The collection of endpoints on offer range from dedicated desk phone solutions, with their own screen for managing Teams meetings, to 360-degree intelligent cameras, video bars, and a dedicated Teams Rooms configurator.  

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Focusing on the audio landscape, EPOS creates headsets and devices designed to improve the quality of meetings. With BrainAdapt technology, EPOS headsets customize each user’s experience to ensure clarity and consistency during conversations. Alongside wireless and wired headsets, the company also produces a variety of speakerphones, video conferencing bars, and other systems. 

As a Microsoft certified partner, EPOS develops solutions catering to both the hybrid workforce and Microsoft Teams Rooms. Options range from simple speaker phones to headsets with active noise-cancelling capabilities and all-in-one meeting bars. Options and small, medium, and large conferencing spaces are available to suit individual users.  

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With a host of headphones, speakerphones, and video conferencing tools to choose from, Jabra kits businesses out with the tools they need to facilitate streamlined meetings. Jabra’s partnership with Microsoft has allowed the company to produce a variety of certified devices specially designed for all kinds of meeting room sizes, as well as the needs of hybrid and remote workers. 

Alongside options like the Evolve series of intelligent headsets with built-in microphones and active noise cancelling, Jabra also offers the tools like Speak Bluetooth speakers and the comprehensive PanaCast collection. Users can browse through a range of options based on their meeting room size and specific needs. For instance, Jabra has its own headsets and earpieces for Microsoft Teams Walkie-Talkie.  

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Poly and HP have joined forces in recent years to provide a range of AV tools for meeting rooms, hybrid work, and collaboration. The combined companies have produced various room kits for Microsoft Teams, designed to suit everything from small focus rooms to mid-sized conferencing spaces and larger environments. Alongside bundled kits, companies can also access a wide variety of standalone headsets, speakerphones, and microphones.  

HP and Poly’s collection of Microsoft Teams-certified devices combine intelligent technology, such as solutions for active noise cancellation, with plug-and-play simplicity. Poly and HP also offer various endpoint peripherals to business leaders, such as control systems and displays for meeting management and kits with mini HP conferencing PCs.  

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Logitech is a technology company known for producing a host of crucial accessories for business environments, including speakers, microphones, mice, and keyboards. As a long-time partner of Microsoft, Logitech has produced various certified solutions for both Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Rooms. The tools cater to various styles and sizes of rooms, from training spaces and think tanks to focus rooms and personal office environments.  

The comprehensive collection of endpoints and devices range from Logitech Brio and Logitech Dock technologies for all-in-one room support. Standalone devices are available such as headsets with active noise cancellation, Scribe for digital whiteboarding, and plug-and-play 360-degree cameras. Logitech also creates a range of scheduling tools and offers access to software for managing and monitoring meeting room equipment.  

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With a long history in the communications space, AudioCodes delivers business-ready solutions for meetings and collaboration in the form of meeting bars, cameras, and audio tools. The company has its own standalone Microsoft Teams Room kit for Android, as well as various devices built for meeting room control, such as the RX-PAD.  

Microsoft Teams users investing in AudioCodes can also access dedicated business phones with high-resolution touchscreens and premium sound. Media gateways are available for Microsoft UC and tools for managing video, audio, and data sharing simultaneously. AudioCodes also offers software to assist business leaders in managing devices remotely and provisioning hybrid teams.  

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Specializing in the AV industry, Nureva’s product portfolio consists of a wide range of solutions for audio and video conferencing. The hardware and endpoints on offer are categorised by their ability to serve specific meeting room sizes, such as huddle rooms and larger conference spaces. Nureva focuses heavily on the production of all-in-one video bars, with included microphone and speaker systems, alongside high-definition cameras.  

The Microsoft Teams certified collection includes the HDL300 system, one of the first speaker and microphone bars certified for large rooms. The bars also include Microphone Mist technology to help collect valuable voice data from all points in an environment without the need for extra devices.  

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Technology vendor Crestron provides businesses with products that not only support audio and video conferencing but also allow for better control over meeting room environments. One of the core components of the Crestron Microsoft-certified portfolio is its collection of panels, which provide access to useful scheduling and management capabilities.  

Crestron’s “Flex” portfolio of endpoints and devices includes a range of audio and video bars, cameras with HD streaming capabilities, and microphones featuring active noise cancelling. Many of the tools certified for use with Microsoft Teams can also be managed and monitored using the Xio Cloud, which provides remote access to room usage data, sensor monitoring, and controls.  

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With solutions tailored to everything from server and storage management to smartphones and tablets, Lenovo’s technology portfolio addresses a wide range of use cases. In recent years, the company has begun building on its collection of screens, video bars, and microphones with comprehensive room kits for Microsoft Teams. Recently, the brand introduced the ThinkSmart Hub, with built-in display, speakers, and microphone technology in one toolkit.  

Lenovo’s devices and endpoints provide companies with the solutions they need to connect employees through HD video and audio, as well as manage meeting room configuration and setup. Lenovo’s tools also come with built-in security solutions in the form of ThinkShield, to help organizations preserve compliance and privacy standards.  

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Working with various UC vendors, including Microsoft and Zoom, Neat has built its AV portfolio around plug-and-play solutions for conferencing. The company’s expanding range of endpoints and devices include the Neat Bar and Neat Bar Pro, which include speakers, microphones, and HD camera capture in one plug-and-play kit. The company also provides the Neat Board for digital whiteboarding, the Neat Frame for remote workers, and the Neat Pad for meeting room controls.  

The Neat portfolio also includes the Neat Centre for 360-degree video and audio capture in small meeting spaces. Neat’s certified Microsoft Teams devices can be accessed on an as-a-service basis. Plus, they come with support for Neat Pulse for controlling devices and peripherals remotely.  

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With a variety of tools to offer modern businesses and meeting room spaces, Yamaha’s hardware portfolio addresses numerous enterprise use cases. The Yamaha endpoint and device collection covers everything from microphone systems and video collaboration bars to portable speakerphones. Microsoft-certified devices also include full-room systems and processors for remote collaboration. 

Yamaha endpoints and devices are equipped with intelligent audio systems, high-definition cameras, and simple interface controls. Many of the company’s devices can be used alongside solutions from other AV leaders, such as the ThinkSmart controllers from Lenovo and AVer cameras. Yamaha also has a range of ADECIA meeting room kits available to suit different conferencing spaces. 

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Already well-known in the AV industry, Bose has begun branching out into the enterprise landscape in recent years, developing custom headsets for Professional users. The company’s range of certified solutions for Microsoft Teams includes a variety of different tools for the meeting and collaboration space. For instance, the Videobar VB1 allows business leaders to access an all-in-one plug-and-play solution for video, and audio, with minimal clutter.

BOSE has its own dedicated Ceiling Audio solution for Microsoft Teams too, with a built-in Professional EdgeMax in-ceiling loudspeaker, and Sennheiser microphone. Companies buying endpoints from Bose can also take advantage of a variety of wireless, and noise cancelling headphones, designed to work seamlessly with any UC kit.

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With a broad portfolio of audio visual tools to choose from, AVer, supports businesses around the world with all-in-one cameras, enterprise collaboration bars and accessories. In partnership with Microsoft, the AVer brand has produced a handful of certified devices and tools, specifically intended for modern meeting rooms and business spaces.

Options range from the CAM130 for remote work, with built-in 4k streaming capabilities, to the CAM550 with included AI technology to help frame and track meeting participants. There’s also the Enterprise-grade VB342 Pro video bar, which combines speaker technology with 4K PTZ video, for simple plug-and-play room setup.

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Primarily focused on the audio landscape, Sony develops both wired and wireless headsets for business users, alongside earbuds and speaker systems. Through its collaboration with Microsoft, Sony has produced a handful of solutions to address different working styles. While numerous Sony solutions can work with a variety of UC tools, the core products listed on the Microsoft marketplace for Sony fans are the Sony LinkBuds UC.

The LinkBuds UC earbuds, designed for both professional and personal use, are a set of wireless, comfortable earbuds, with an open-ring design to blend ambient and digital sounds. They also come with a microphone built-in, with precise voice pickup technology, to allow for distraction-free conferencing and collaboration.

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Bang & Olufsen

Scandinavian audio company, Bang & Olufsen are best known for experimenting with both innovative sound technology and design. The core headset certified for use with Microsoft Teams by the B&O brand is the Beocom Portal headset. It combines the signature sound of the brand with comfortable earpads, a virtual boom arm, and active noise cancellation.

These wireless headphones include 6 MEMs microphones, for simple wireless communication. Additionally, they’re intended for use in the hybrid work environment, allowing users to jump seamlessly between different devices with quick connectivity. Other Bang and Olufsen headsets can also be connected with Teams, but may not feature certification yet.

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Since committing to a closer partnership with Microsoft, Cisco has been working on a number of ways to make both its hardware and software work seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. Currently, Cisco offers a variety of tools for Microsoft Teams meeting rooms, including interactive screens like the Cisco Desk Pro, and the Cisco Board Pro.

Users can also take advantage of comprehensive room kits, powered by AI technology, such as the Cisco Room Kit EQ for larger meeting spaces, and the Cisco Room Kit Pro. Plus, Cisco fans can also find a variety of useful additional tools in the portfolio, such as the Cisco Room Navigator tablet device, the Cisco Room Bar for small meeting rooms, and the Cisco Room Navigator wall mount.

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Known for producing PTZ cameras and AV room solutions for meetings, Vaddio recently achieved Microsoft certification for a host of room system accessories, as well as an intelligent webcam. The Vaddio IntelliSHOT-M is an AI-enhanced camera with customizable auto-tracking features for video conferencing and recording within large to mid-sized meeting spaces.

Intended for both classrooms and conference rooms, the camera comes with 30x zoom capabilities, pan/tilt/zoom functionality, and the ability to adapt quickly to unstable lighting conditions. The free Vaddio deployment tool application included with the hardware also allows users to remotely manage and configure the device from a distance.

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