VoIP Service Providers Get a New Polycom DaaS Pilot Program

The Device-as-a-Service program is sure to intrigue service providers

VoIP Service Providers Get a New Polycom DaaS Pilot Program

According to the latest updates from Polycom, the enterprise-level communication company will be further enhancing their portfolio by introducing a monthly “Device-as-a-Service“, or DaaS program that could give service providers better versatility in their VoIP businesses. With DaaS, it’s possible for service providers to reduce the risk of ownership in their companies, offer more convenience to end-users, and achieve greater flexibility for their business at a lower cost.

According to Polycom, the upcoming program will give VoIP service providers a new way to offer versatility and growth to their customers when it comes to implementing Polycom devices. The model is based on flexibility and scalability, taking the “entire life cycle” into consideration for modern consumers.

What Makes Polycom’s DaaS Special?

Perhaps the key feature to note about Polycom’s new DaaS pilot program is that it doesn’t require any long-term commitment from its customers. Instead, the solution is entirely flexible, running from month-to-month so that customers can cancel their services and return their devices whenever they like. There’s also a “replacement plan” which means that customers can exchange any faulty phones during their contract.

According to the Polycom Senior Director for Marketing, Chris Thorson, the new development comes as a response to customer desires for more control and flexibility in high-tech phone solutions. The DaaS model will mean that today’s end-users can upgrade and enhance their devices as they see fit, adapting to new models as they emerge on the market.

An Exciting New Deal for Service Providers

The Chief Revenue Officer at Impact Telecom, Doug Funsch, noted that the DaaS program is a powerful way to improve the relationships that businesses have with their end-users. Customers can now access the highest quality of phones, without having to commit to a long-term contract.

Service providers who access the Polycom DaaS pilot program will not have to worry about the risks that come with cost of ownership either. Instead, they can provide their customers with a simple and effective way to access the most modern devices on the market, while ensuring they can switch their CapEx expenses, to the much desired OpEx model.

On top of all this, Polycom’s new model will allow customers to access the best phones in the market, from conference room solutions like the RealPresence Trio to the efficient and highly effective Polycom SoundStation IP5000 collection.

For now, the program is only available in Northern America, to ITSP partners. However, we’re hoping that it will make its way through to the UK shores soon.


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