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Yealink CP960 Conference Phone Review

Read our review of Yealink’s latest conference phone

Yealink CP960 Conference Phone Review

The Yealink CP960 is the Chinese multi-national’s latest enterprise grade conference phone solutions built specifically for mid-to-large-sized meeting rooms.

As a company that is considered to be the second largest SIP phone provider in the world and has a history of delivering world class business communication solutions to a wide variety of clients, there is much to be expected from Yealink – but how well does the CP960 live up to this impressive reputation?

In order to find out, we decided to write an in-depth review, discussing what the phone can do, what features it offers and what types of businesses would benefit most from using them.

How does it look?

Yealink CP960 Review Body

The CP960 is the perfect centrepiece for any conference room

With its metallic silver colouring and UV process design, the CP960 oozes both style and professionalism and brings a touch of class to any conference room. Moreover, a five-inch-tall, high resolution 1280×720 multi-touch screen display enables quick access to all the features and enables users to control each call with their fingertips.

What can it do?

By harnessing acoustic technologies from Harman and combining it with Yealink’s sophisticated HD voice technology, the audio quality on every call made through the CP960 is crisp, clear and completely balanced to ensure every aspect of the conversation is captured with lifelike precision.

Built for mid-to-large-sized conference rooms, the CP960 voice pickups offer 360 degree coverage with distances of up to 20 feet to eliminate deadzones and ensure all areas of the room are covered. As well as this, a pair of wireless microphones featuring Yealink’s DECT technology will increase that distance to as much as 60 feet for even larger spaces to guarantee that every individual speaker is heard.

Distractive noises and background sound has always been a problem with conference phones, but thanks to the CP960’s Noise Proof Technology, such sounds are muted out by intelligent microphones built to pick up the unique sounds of the human voice and ignore things like air conditioning units.

For added benefit, the CP960 creates a virtual Pentagon Meeting Room user interface that mimics the physical sense of conferencing to add a more realistic feel to the meeting and allows up to 5 separate participants to seamlessly join the conversation at any time without pausing or interrupting the conversation.

Finally, in order to cater for the communication needs of modern businesses, the CP960 is hybrid UC enabled and allows users to connect through desktop, laptop, softphone and , and even supports both USB and Bluetooth connection so all users can connect to the device in a way that is most convenient or comfortable for them.

What did we like most?

The Yealink CP960 possesses many interesting and useful features, but if we had to choose just one then we’d have to say the stunning touchscreen display is the thing that really stood out for us – both for its looks and its ability to simplify the conference call experience as a whole.

Who is it for?

As we’ve mentioned previously, the wide range of audio coverage means the CP960 is built predominantly for mid to large sized conference rooms.

Where can I get more information?

For more information on the Yealink endpoints range, take a look at the Yealink homepage. If you are interested in a demonstration of the CP960 Conference Phone, contact Yealink (UK) or Yealink (rest of the world).

UC Today Opinion

Beautifully designed, scalable, and incredibly diverse, the CP960 is the perfect conferencing tool for mid to large-sized businesses and can really make a positive impact on conference calls and business communications as a whole.

Do you have any experiences with the Yealink CP960 that you wish to share? How do you feel it compares with other conference phones on the market? If you have any thoughts you wish to share, or if you would like to discuss the review with other readers, please feel free to submit your thoughts to the comments section below.


4.8 out of 5

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