Yealink SIP-T54S IP Phone Review

Read all about the Yealink SIP-T54S IP Phone

Yealink SIP-T54S IP Phone Review

The Yealink SIP-T54S is the Chinese multi-national’s latest SIP phone solution built to help improve audio quality, boost staff mobility and aid collaboration in a wide variety of different businesses.

As a company that is considered to be the second largest SIP phone provider in the world and has a history of delivering world class business communication solutions to a wide variety of clients, there is much to be expected from Yealink – but how well does the SIP-T54S live up to this impressive reputation?

In order to find out, we decided to write an in-depth review, discussing what the phone can do, what features it offers and what types of businesses would benefit most from using them.

How does it look?

Yealink T54S IP Phone Review Body

The SIP-T54S features Yealink Optima HD voice technology and an Opus audio codec.

The Yealink SIP-T54S comes washed in elegant black colouring with tasteful silver keys and a gorgeous 4.3” 480×272 colour LCD screen display for quick access to contacts and a wealth of efficiency boosting call features.

What can it do?

Designed especially for busy executives and professionals, the SIP-T54S features Yealink Optima HD voice technology and an Opus audio codec to ensure every call made is carried out with crystal clear audio clarity from start to finish to ensure no information is lost or misinterpreted on with end.

Along with a HD handset, the SIP-T54S also features a built in HD speakerphone to enhance mobility, whilst it’s 3-way conferencing support enhances collaboration by enabling users to easily join in a live call and share information at the click of a button.

As well as being able to drastically improve flexibility by hosting up to 16 SIP accounts, the SIP-T54S also features 10 paperless DSS keys for quick access to call features and contacts to ensure the user can work as efficiently as possible.

Furthermore, having been built with Gigabit Ethernet technology and built in Bluetooth and USB ports, the SIP-T54S successfully boosts both the productivity of the user and their ability to collaborate more openly with colleagues and clients than ever before.

What did we like most?

Though the SIP-T54S has many features to choose from, we were particularly impressed by the excellent sound quality available through both the handset and the built-in speakerphone – and the built in feature was also an impressive addition to this model.

Who is it for?

The SIP-T54S is very diverse in features and many different types of people would benefit from it, but more specifically those operating in the higher-end of business who require a feature rich phone to support the managerial positions.

Where can I get more information?

For more information on the Yealink endpoints range, take a look at the Yealink home page.

UC Today Opinion

For any businessperson looking for a phone that improves mobility, delivers excellent audio quality, is packed full of call control features and supports collaboration in the workplace, the SIP-T54S would be an extremely valuable investment.

Do you have any experiences with the Yealink SIP-T54S that you wish to share? How do you feel it compares with other SIP phones on the market? If you have any thoughts you wish to share, or if you would like to discuss the review with other readers, please feel free to submit your thoughts to the comments section below.



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