Who Kicks UC-aaS? BroadSoft Takes the Iron Throne of #UComs

Who’s the best Unified Communications vendor for 2017?

As you know, here at UC Today, we’re not entirely sure that the Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications is a fair assessment of the vendors that the UC market has to offer. After the Quadrant results for UC in 2017 met with some scrutiny and anguish, we thought it was time to ask the audience and deliver a UC poll that listened to the thoughts and opinions of people actively working in the unified communications space.

That’s why we created our “Who Kicks UC-aaS?” poll so that you could share your insight into the vendors that are really transforming the UC landscape this year. Here, we gave you a chance to choose your favourite vendor, among an extensive list of options. Plus, to make sure that we weren’t excluding any key providers, we included an “Other” section too, for you to input anyone we accidentally missed out.

The survey has now come to an end.

The Survey Results

Unlike the Gartner report, which is sponsored by enterprises in the UC industry, UC Today’s poll is an entirely objective view into the UC world – unconnected to any advertising revenue or financial arrangements. To help make sure that you’re getting the best possible view of the UC landscape, we made each real comment stand for 100 votes, to mitigate any influence from fake voters.

We had over 2200 votes submitted, and 2000 comments! So, we had plenty of high quality votes to work with.

The Best Unified Communications Vendor for 2017 is BROADSOFT with a huge 37% of the votes

Who really kicks UC-aaS? – TOP 20 Vendors

Here’s how the votes panned out.

  1. BroadSoft
  2. RingCentral
  3. Natterbox
  4. Fuze
  5. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
  6. 3CX
  7. Unify
  8. VIA
  9. Microsoft
  10. Cisco
  11. Avaya
  12. IPCortex
  13. TelcoSwitch
  14. Mitel
  15. CounterPath
  16. 8×8
  17. ShoreTel
  18. Google
  19. NEC
  20. Slack

Surprisingly BT, Workplace by Facebook and Amazon didn’t make the top 20 vendors.

Congratulations to the top 20 companies!

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What’s your take on our survey? Does it represent a fairer picture of the unified communications landscape for 2017 versus the Gartner Magic Quadrant?

Comments welcome folks and please share this news at least once:)


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