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What are Cloud Hosting Providers?

Cloud hosting is unarguably the most important technological advancement of the decade and has drastically changed the way businesses communicate on a number of different platforms.

With Cloud Hosting (data centre hosting), businesses can save money, improve efficiency and collaboration, streamline their communications, minimise security threats and engage better with their customers and gain much greater control and flexibility over their business communications.

With Cloud Hosting providers (or vendors), channel partners and resellers are given complete cloud packages moulded together by specialists who use their years of experience and knowledge in the Industry to create a failsafe platform for mission critical hosting.

Cloud Hosting Companies

Here’s a list of wholesale cloud hosting companies, in alphabetical order.

  • Access Alto
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Equinix (formally Telecity)
  • IBM Cloud
  • iland
  • iomart
  • Microsoft Cloud
  • NGD
  • Rackspace
  • TeleData
  • Telehouse Europe
  • UKFast
  • Volta
  • Zen

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