"Collaboration" may be one of the most overused words in the communication industry today. It seems as though everyone is talking about collaboration, but no-one has a shared understanding of what it means.

Some companies are convinced that collaboration means downloading instant messaging apps for their team. Other people assume that to collaborate, they need to embrace video conferencing and huddle rooms.

The truth is that collaboration is simpler than you think. It simply refers to a group of people that are working together towards a shared goal. The definition of collaboration hasn't changed over the years. However, the way that we work together is evolving. Now that more businesses offer remote working and telecommuting options to employees, people can't just get together in an office anymore. Around 3.3 million professionals in the US consider their home to be their primary workplace.

In the age of the digital workforce, collaboration has started to become about the tools that you can use to bring your dispersed teams together.

Collaboration and Technology

In the enterprise, collaboration is a crucial part of running a successful business. If your teams can't work together, then your entire company begins to crumble. That's why we see the rise of things like enterprise collaboration platforms, social networking tools, and even cloud-based messaging systems. All of these tools are designed to keep your people connected, wherever they are.

Although technology has made defining collaboration more difficult, it's also made it easier for companies to make the most out of their distributed teams. Studies show that 83% of today's professionals now rely on technology to collaborate.

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