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Communication Platforms as a Service, or CPaaS, is one of the most exciting environments in the communications landscape today. Offering exceptional opportunities for companies to align people, processes, and things like never before, CPaaS paves the way to an agile future for businesses.

Currently, the CPaaS market is set to grow to $17.7 billion in 2024. As concepts like APIs, low-code and no-code integrations, and advanced automations make their way into the mainstream, CPaaS demand continues to accelerate.

The Trends Shaping CPaaS in 2022

The demand for CPaaS in 2022 comes hand-in-hand with the rising requirement for more flexible, customisable, and scalable solutions for communication in recent years. As companies continue to evolve at an incredible place, they need to be able to implement communication tools and critical technology into their existing workflows as quickly as possible.

CPaaS paves the way for businesses to embed everything from live chat applications to voice and video SDKs into the tools and systems their employees use every day. Some of the trends driving the direction of the CPaaS environment at present include:

  • Productivity: Increasingly, companies are looking for ways to boost the productivity of their teams as the workplace continues to evolve. CPaaS solutions can help with this, by adding more of the tools companies need for communications into the workflow systems they’re already using. App marketplaces, connectors, and bots can help to align more of the systems teams rely on every day, allowing for better outcomes.
  • Low code and no code: CPaaS platforms and low-code solutions support companies in empowering more of their team members to become citizen developers. Increasingly, every employee is gaining the technology required to make their own changes to their workflows, with simple apps and add-ons.
  • Voice and video SDKs: Software Development Kits, or “SDKs” provide business leaders with the power to bring more communication tools into their environments with minimal requirements for programming and coding skills. Voice and video solutions are ideal for enabling better communication not just between teams, but between employees and their customers on a range of channels.

CPaaS Tomorrow: Looking Ahead

CPaaS solutions offer companies the freedom they need to evolve, adapt, and grow according to the changing trends in the marketplace. With the right technology, companies unlock endless opportunities for growth, by unifying their teams, improving the flow of knowledge, and improving customer re-engagement.

As UCaaS and CCaaS become increasingly intertwined, we may see more companies offering a wider range of aligned UCaaS, CCaaS, and CPaaS offerings, so companies can mix-and-match the technology they need for the ideal end-to-end communication environment.

We’re also likely to see more IoT, 5G, and AI integrations in the CPaaS environment, as businesses invest more in disruptive technology to enable their workforces, connect their teams, and improve workflows post-pandemic.

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