SIP Trunking vs ISDN – How was your Experience?

CommsTrader Research – How did your switch to SIP trunks go? Seamless? Disruptive?

Switching to SIP Trunking
But how was it for you?

Did you recently switch to SIP trunking from ISDN? How did it go?

Our opinion poll aims to collect real-life experiences, if you’ve recently moved to internet based telephone lines (SIP trunking) or a cloud phone system from a traditional fixed line based service, cast your vote below.

Rate your experience based on the first 30 days of switching. How did the migration go? Was it well planned and executed by your service provider? Did you lose service? How was your business affected? Was the voice quality as good as you’d expected? How reliable is it? Was it worth it?

We’re also taking comments below, let us know your personal experience. Post your help and advice to others moving to VoIP telephone lines.


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