Pangea Follows Up Pre-Ethernet by Launching ‘Smarter’ Instanet

A smarter way of connecting customers while they wait for Ethernet

Dan Cunliffe, Managing Director of Pangea

Following the launch of their award-winning Pre-Ethernet solution in 2016, Pangea are excited to announce the launch of Instanet — a smarter way of connecting customers while they wait for Ethernet.

With some resellers waiting months to receive payments for their Ethernet orders, Pre-Ethernet has allowed Pangea partners to collect revenue from day one by incorporating a temporary connectivity solution into existing Ethernet sales. Instanet takes this a step further and has been designed to help our partners stop worrying about overage and start maximising their profit, with automated, flexible tariffs.

These tariffs give the partners complete control to maximise their profit while they wait for Ethernet services to be delivered, while also preventing any nasty overage surprises and removing the risk of over-usage by automatically adding more data to their minimum package if a client needs more.

Pangea Instanet
Furthermore, Pangea state that their relationships with major mobile network operators mean that automated tariffs come with flexible contract terms that work with, not against a client’s needs, with terms as short as one month.

Pangea also offer a range of optional service add ons, including static IPs for hosted products alongside a choice of powerful, highly secure, and easy to set up Pangea routers.

Dan Cunliffe, Managing Director of Pangea, explains:

“Instanet is all about making the sale cycle simple and driving a better customer experience in the world of Ethernet delivery. The world is all about on-demand, tailored, and automated services — why not deliver the same ease of experience while you wait for Ethernet deployments? Our partners need only to let our automated tariffs do the work, and later, when the Ethernet line is installed, we can convert the service into a resilient On-demand Backup.”


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