Lifesize Icon 300 Review – High Quality Huddling

Incredible video for the Huddle Room

Lifesize Icon 300 Review – High Quality Huddling

As the modern workplace continues to evolve, driven by things like remote and flexible working, the meeting room as we know it has changed. Today, it’s becoming increasingly less likely for companies to host huge boardroom conferences every time they need to touch base with their teams. Instead, organisations are investing in more agile meetings, often supported by nimble spaces like Huddle rooms.

The huddle room is a modern, plug-and-play environment, intended for short and spontaneous conversations, brainstorming sessions and meetings. However, like any other meeting solution, a huddle room requires a combination of the right hardware and software to deliver the experiences that attendees need. That’s where solutions like the Lifesize Icon 300 come in.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest huddle room endpoint from Lifesize.

Lifesize Icon 300: Features

The Lifesize Icon 300 is a simple yet reliable video endpoint for the modern huddle room. Intended to deliver simplicity and excellent when companies need them most, this video conferencing camera is excellent for brainstorming sessions and collaboration alike. With the Lifesize Icon 300, your teams have the freedom to connect face-to-face with colleagues, contractors, and clients at a moment’s notice. Features include:

  • Easy-to-use interface tuned for the huddle room
  • Ultra-wide field of view for smaller spaces
  • 4K content sharing
  • Audio support with noise reduction
  • Cloud support
  • Range of mounting options
  • Intuitive touchscreen controls
  • Opportunity to manage your Icon from the Lifesize Phone
  • Durable and high-quality design
  • Automatic updates

Lifesize Icon 300: Features

The Lifesize Icon 300 features all of the advanced video and audio experience that Lifesize has to bring to the modern market. Building an existing portfolio of successful meeting solutions, the Icon 300 is perfect for businesses who need to access quick, small meeting moments, without the extra hassle or back-end management. Benefits include:

  • Easy and intuitive use: The Lifesize Icon 300 is a plug-and-play strategy for managing your meeting room, with an easy-to-use interface that anyone can enjoy. You can even manage Lifesize audio using the customisable Lifesize Phone HD. Set up is plug-and-play, and all the updates to the software are automatically delivered by the Lifesize team
  • Incredible video architecture: Designed to deliver exceptional performance, even in a smaller space, the Lifesize Icon 300 comes with an ultra-wide field of view that’s perfectly suited to the huddle room. It also comes with 4K content sharing which allows businesses of all sizes to enjoy incredible quality in their video meetings
  • Exceptional audio: The Lifesize Icon 300 doesn’t just put video quality first, it also excels with sound too. The audio linked into the Lifesize Icon features Opus technology, with enhanced noise reduction and automatic human speech recognition
  • Reliability for modern companies: The Lifesize video architecture comes with a 99.9% uptime service level agreement, plus the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your meetings are encrypted by default
  • Flexibility for your meeting room: Mount your video however you like, either above or below your meeting room display. You’ll get a high-quality video experience however you choose to use the Icon 300

Lifesize Icon 300: Pricing and How to Buy

The price for the Lifesize Icon 300 starts at $2,999, which inlcudes the Lifesize Phone HD, ensuring businesses have everything they need for an instant plug-and-play huddle room. You can purchase the Icon 300 from official Lifesize resellers.

Lifesize Phone HD

Lifesize Phone HD

Lifesize Icon 300: Finishing Thoughts

If you want a simple way to set up immersive video conferencing experiences, then the Lifesize Icon 300 could be a perfect choice. Designed specifically for the modern huddle room, this video endpoint is a real plug-and-play solution for businesses that need to launch quick and efficient conferences in a matter of minutes.

With an ultra-wide field of view to make sure that you capture everyone in your huddle room space, 4k content sharing, and Opus audio, the Lifesize Icon 300 has it all. You can even manage everything from your own customisable Lifesize Phone HD. What’s more, with Lifesize, you know that any upgrades to your Icon software will be managed and rolled out automatically. That means that there’s very little work to do on the back end.

Have you tried the Lifesize Icon meeting room experience for yourself yet? Let us know what you think about this tool in the comment section below or join the conversation on social media.


4.5 out of 5

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