Mersive Solstice v4.0 and Gen3 Pod Review

We take a look at the latest Solstice and Pod from Mersive

Mersive Solstice v4.0 and Gen3 Pod Review

Wireless collaboration is quickly emerging as a crucial part of the meeting technology stack. Today’s employees need to do more than just connect to a display via a cable. They also need the tools and resources in their digital environment that support fast-paced and effective teamwork in any setting.

Mersive Technologies, a market leader in wireless content sharing solutions, recently announced the arrival of its Solstice version 4.0 and Gen3 Pod package. Designed to deliver the benefits of wireless collaboration to all meeting spaces, Mersive’s new offering keeps employees informed and engaged, allowing them to simultaneously share content from any device. The new solution is easy to deploy, secure, and brimming with features to make meetings more productive.

Let’s take a look at what you can accomplish with Solstice v4.0 and the Gen3 Pod.

New Features

The Gen3 Pod introduces a host of additions to the feature list including wired input, dual output, 4K streaming, and power of ethernet plus (PoE+).  Solstice 4.0 includes Solstice Ink, which gives users the power to collaboratively mark-up and highlight displayed content anywhere in the meeting space using their smartphone. The Solstice 4.0 and Gen3 combination provides everything you need for an enhanced collaboration experience in any meeting space.

Leicester Castle Business School

Solstice at Leicester Castle Business School Hall

Below is a full description of the new features:

  • Direct streaming of wired content via the HDMI input
  • ShareSwitch software which allows wired content to be shown alongside wireless content for collaboration purposes
  • Dual HDMI output for mirrored or extended displays. In extended mode, content can also span across two displays at once
  • Native 4K streaming to a single display for more vibrant video
  • PoE+ eliminates the need for external power adapters
  • The latest quad-core processor to enhance general performance and graphics processor to support multiple video streams
  • Excellent mini stereo output to support the audio systems in a room

Of course, Solstice 4.0 and the Gen3 Pod also come with all the award-winning features that users have come to expect from Solstice, which includes best-in-class content control from any device, room calendar integration, and digital signage. Administrators also appreciate Mersive’s enterprise features which include Solstice Dashboard for centralised management, Kepler for monitoring and analytics, and dual-network cards that allows corporate and guest users to share content on one screen through separate, firewalled connections.

New Benefits

As meaningful team moments become increasingly crucial to the growth and productivity of the workforce, the new Solstice 4.0 / Gen3 Pod solution creates the meeting room environment that today’s workers need. Adding value to the meeting space, the solution ensures that companies can mix wired and wireless media sources to access the greatest range of content.

Solstice at Edinburgh University

Solstice at Edinburgh University

There’s also access to state-of-the-art meeting analytics to help business leaders optimise the way that people interact. Other benefits include:

  • Make the most of any space: Solstice offers both wired and wireless content sharing in any room, including huddle spaces. Bring access to digital signage, room calendars and other content sharing solutions to any environment. What’s more, maximise your meetings with plug-and-play support with a spectrum of meeting room equipment so that you can make the most of your existing investments
  • Insightful analytics: Discover what it takes to enhance your meeting environments with state-of-the analytics. Insights from Kepler make optimising the conference space a breeze
  • Easy access: PoE+ means that there’s no need for external power adapters and wall plugs. Additionally, ShareSwitch means that hard-wired content sources are just as easy to use for collaboration as wireless sources
  • Improve collaboration: Solstice allows team members to share content using native screen mirroring with all major operating systems. Plus, with Solstice Ink, employees can annotate and mark-up that shared content from anywhere by pointing and drawing with their smartphone
  • High-quality display: The Dual HDMI output can either mirror or extend content across displays, providing access to two screens at once. For a single screen, users have the benefits of 4K streaing for high-resolution content
  • Support any employee: Solstice v4.0 and Gen3 Pod are suitable for any meeting space. The Spoken Screen Key solution assists the visually impaired, and there’s language support for up to 16 different languages

Target Market & Regional Availability

Mersive has experienced fantastic growth and doubled annually over the last 3 years during that time has also expanded sales and operations across the globe. The organisation now has more than a 7% worldwide market share according to Future Source Consulting, and reaches countless companies of all shapes and sizes, including the likes of  BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas, 20 of the top 25 US Universities and Voya Financial (formerly ING).

BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas

BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas – Picture: Beppe Raso

How to Buy & Pricing

Solstice 4.0 / Gen3 Pod solution comes in two versions: one for 4 users or one for unlimited users. Please call your Mersive reseller for pricing. The solution is available across the world, and you can also unlock a free trial of the Solstice software to get you started. Visit the Mersive website to find out more.

Final Thoughts

In a world where collaboration is mandatory to running a successful business, the Mersive Solstice 4.0 software and Gen3 Pod provide everything that today’s teams need to work effectively together. The intuitive UI combined with support for industry standards means that businesses can easily build the meeting experience that uniquely suits them. What’s more, Mersive ensures that today’s companies have access to all of the security and privacy features needed for maximum protection.

The solution’s ease of use combined with the full range of rich features makes this new offering extremely appealing to modern companies. It’s no wonder that Frost and Sullivan recognised Mersive as one of the leaders in Wireless content sharing for 2018.

Q: What is Solstice 4.0?

A: Solstice 4.0 is Mersive’s latest software that provides award-winning wireless collaboration functionality from any device along with key enterprise features such as centralised management and network security, improving the ROI of any meeting space.

Q: What is Solstice Ink?

A: Solstice Ink is the new collaborative feature that allows smartphones to wirelessly highlight and markup shared content on-screen.

Q: What is the Gen3 Pod

A: The Gen3 Pod is the hardware platform that runs the Solstice 4.0 software and supports wireless sharing, wired input, dual output, PoE+, and 4k streaming.



4.7 out of 5

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