Twilio Flex Review – Your CCaaS Toolkit

Incredibly programmable and interestingly priced: Why Twilio Flex makes sense for CC pros

Twilio Flex Review – Your CCaaS Toolkit

If you’ve been looking (or are interested in) business communication solutions, chances are you’ve heard of Twilio. Twilio’s solutions operate across the web, desktop, and mobile platforms. In fact, the company has made huge inroads in democratising channels such as voice, text, chat, and email by virtual global communication infrastructure through simple and easy-to-use APIs.

Twilio Flex is the company’s programmable cloud-based contact centre offering. It allows companies to completely take charge of their contact centre platforms, customising every touchpoint on the experiential pathway.

Inside Twilio Flex

Twilio Flex has several interesting features. Let’s dig in a little deeper:

Expansive customisation capabilities

With Twilio Flex, there are endless programmability options. Its micro-component architecture allows you to add, remove, and personalise elements as required. The UI allows for two-way integration, and Flex’ React-based architecture and Redux store ensures you are in total control of the configuration.

Further, Flex brings attribute-based routing, meaning you can now set business rules to automatically route the right call to the right agent by analysing customer interaction data.

Finally, Flex works hands in glove with Twilio Studio – the company’s visual workflow editor. This lets you reroute your data across a simple drag-and-drop workflow, adding contextual intelligence to any customer interaction.

Increased interaction capacity

With Flex, you can select multiple customer communication channels and manage interactions across web and mobile environments – all via a single UI. Instead of siloed interactions, you are able to bring all of these omni-channel touchpoints into a single, seamless experience.

Mining data for more insights

You can use Flex to analyse and assess your incoming customer interactions data to garner a deeper understanding of contact centre behaviour, improving agent performance and efficiencies in the long run.

One unified platform

Flex brings together all of these features on one, highly programmable platform where you can add or remove channels, optimising contact centre performance as a whole.

Why Twilio Flex Makes a Difference

Twilio Flex was billed as (and is) the first fully programmable contact centre platform. This implies several things:

  • You can acutely customise components to address your unique requirements
  • You can grow your business, rapidly ramping up agent numbers with zero constraints
  • You can expand globally, with 100+ countries instantly provisionable
  • You can ensure customer-agent interaction quality is at a premium, with multiple routing options
  • Your call centre operates over a single instance – rather than fragmented, barely-held-together nodes – enabling security and millisecond incident recovery
  • You can forget about hardware, or even software downloads, as Flex is purely cloud-based

What We Think

If you’re interested in building a solid contact centre communications system – from scratch, but without traditional coding hassles – Twilio Flex is the right option. It has several important features, is highly customisable, and operated via a single interface. What’s more, given Twilio’s extended product catalogue, you can select additional communication apps as you grow and require other plugins.

It also helps that Twilio is smartly priced – USD 150 per named user per month (flat rate) or USD 1 per active user per hour – making the case even stronger for Twilio Flex. We suggest that if you’re looking to set up a robust and resilient contact centre, choose the first pricing option. This rate remains constant regardless of spike or traffic volume, meaning you can intelligently plan your contact centre growth blueprint. On the other hand, if you’re slightly smaller in terms of size and need, with seasonal peaks in demand, the second pricing is more your speed with its pragmatic focus on “pay as much as you use.”

The Twilio Flex value proposition is based on your ability to maximise its immense programmable possibilities. Take advantage.


4.5 out of 5

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