Grandstream GXV3380 Video Phone Review – See the Benefits

A powerful IP Video Phone

Grandstream GXV3380 Video Phone Review – See the Benefits

In a world where countless consumers and businesses alike are exploring new modes of communication, the deskphone is still one of the most valuable and crucial investment for any organisation. Despite the belief that we’re moving to a more “software-focused” world, the truth is that the desktop phone remains a critical solution for helping organisations to organise their day, interact with coworkers and manage collaboration.

The key to success is finding the right kind of IP deskphone to support the rise of new communication trends. For instance, the Grandstream GXV3380 isn’t just another typical desktop phone; it’s an IP communication suite with intelligent video built-in. The GXV3380 responds to the growing demand for more immersive face-to-face video interactions in an era where employees are increasingly spending more time outside of the office.

Grandstream GXV3380 Review: Features

According to MarketsdandMarkets, the market for video conferencing is expected to reach USD 2.63 Billion by 2022. As younger digital natives enter the workforce, they’re quickly embracing video as their go-to source of communication.

Used correctly video conferencing can improve the engagement, productivity and performance levels of your organisation. However, if you want to access the benefits of video, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you can deliver a quality connection. The GXV3380 IP video phone for Android does just that, with a  rich 16-line IP video phone performance, featuring multi-platform collaboration, and the easy functionality of an Android tablet. Features include:

  • 8-inch capacitive touch screen for easy control
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • HDMI in/out to help with sharing content
  • Support for 1080p HD video
  • Dual microphones
  • Gigabit ports with PoE+ and PoE
  • Integrated WiFi
  • Bluetooth Support

The Grandstream GXV3380 also runs the latest Android operating system technology and provides easy access to thousands of Android apps, so users can customise their video conferencing experience to suit the needs of their business.

Grandstream GXV3380 Review: Benefits

As a powerful addition to Grandstream’s collection of state-of-the-art UC hardware, the GXV3380 IP phone is a fantastic tool for modern workers. This device combines a high-quality IP video phone with advanced collaboration features and the functionality of an Android tablet to give users everything they need for quicker, higher-quality conferences. Benefits include:

  • Ease of Use: The GXV3380 offers plug-and-play ease of use with a touch-screen Android tablet that’s easy to navigate – even for beginners. It runs on the familiar Android 7.x operating system and provides a crystal-clear display for call management
  • Incredible connectivity: When it comes to connectivity, the Grandstream GXV3380 has it all, from built-in Bluetooth for syncing with remote headsets and mobile devices, to dual-switched auto-sensing gigabit ports. There’s also integrated dual-band WiFi available, and HDMI, USB and Micro USB connectivity too
  • High-quality camera performance: A great image is crucial to the success of any video conferencing strategy. The GXV3380 comes with support for 1080p video, with a built-in 2-megapixel camera. The camera includes a privacy shutter for peace of mind too
  • Excellent audio quality: To build on the video conferencing experience, Grandstream has also implemented a dual-mic HD speakerphone into the GXV3380, giving you advanced audio with state-of-the-art echo cancellation
  • Amazing all-around performance: With countless high-quality features like a 64-bit quad-core processor, 2GB of ram, and support for up to 16 SIP accounts, the GXV3380 does offer everything a modern business needs. There’s even built-in PoE and PoE+ for your power and network connectivity requirements

Grandstream GXV3380 Review: Benefits

As companies continue to demand more from critical devices like the business IP desk phone, video-first solutions like the Grandstream GXV3380 are set to lead the way. This immersive video conferencing tool gives today’s businesses the freedom to access all the benefits of fruitful video meetings and conversations, with all the simplicity of just logging into a tablet.

Grandstream GXV3380

Grandstream GXV3380


For businesses that want to take their desk phones to the next level, the GXV3380 combines Android functionality with high-quality camera performance and reliable audio with echo cancellation. There’s also a range of connectivity options to choose from too.

GrandStream’s GXV3380 is excellent for any business looking for a way to upgrade their office desks, enhance the huddle room, or simply support a team with remote and mobile workers to think about. What’s more, the GXV3380 could be an ideal option for any business hoping to encourage adoption of video in their workplace, as its simple interface makes getting used to the new technology a breeze.

Have you tried the Grandstream GXV3380 yet? Let us know in the comments below.


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