Sennheiser SC660 Review: Hearing is More than Believing

Read our Sennheiser Century SC660 headset review

Sennheiser SC660 Review: Hearing is More than Believing

When talking on the telephone is a key part of your job, you start to take sound quality seriously.

For contact centre agents, or anyone else who spends a significant proportion of their working life talking to clients and contacts over the phone, there is nothing worse than a bad signal, interference on the line and general poor audibility.

Nothing, except perhaps having to hold a telephone handset to your ear for hours on end.

German manufacturer Sennheiser is one of the world’s leading specialists in business headsets. With decades of electro acoustic experience, it understands that, for the end user, it is the combination of comfortable hands-free operation and outstanding audio clarity which makes the perfect headset.

Sennheiser SC660

The Sennheiser Century SC660 is a double-sided wired headset with HD audio quality.

This is what Sennheiser has strived for with its Century SC660 headset. With HD audio quality packed into a compact, lightweight unit, the SC660 is designed for use in contact centres, offices and other UC environments where there is no room to compromise on audio quality.

What can it do?

The Sennheiser Century SC660 is a double-sided wired headset designed to deliver premium acoustic performance. It comes in three versions:

  • A standard version for connecting to office or contact centre desk phones
  • The SC660 USB CTRL, which provides a USB plug-in to UC and softphone systems with an integrated call control unit
  • The SC660 USB ML, which offers a similar USB connection and control unit for plugging into Skype for Business

Everything about the SC660 speaks quality. The build standard is excellent, from the choice of premium grade materials to how sturdy the headset feels to the sleek and eye-catching design. The unibody headband gives maximum strength at stress points, with brushed aluminium ear plates helping to reduce weight. The earpieces themselves are mounted on stainless steel hinges, and can be turned through 90 degrees for space reduction when packed away.

As well as HD quality speakers, the SC660 microphones includes ultra noise cancelling technology, while Sennheiser’s trademark wideband voice clarity system makes any conversation as natural sounding as possible. With dual earpieces, the SC660 is intended to deliver maximum clarity in even the noisiest office or contact centre environments.

All of this is delivered in a unit which is comfortable and unobtrusive to wear, even for long periods. The headband is flexible and adapts comfortably to your head, the earpieces are well padded. And like all Sennheiser headsets, it features ActiveGard, a noise suppression system which protects the wearer’s ears by blocking sudden spikes in volume.

UC Today opinion – Our favourite feature

The Sennheiser Century SC660 is a premium quality product which delivers all you could ask of an enterprise-grade headset. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear, it looks great, it can plug into lots of different types of comms system, it is manufactured from premium quality materials and is built to last.

Our favourite feature is the craft and expertise that has gone into delivering HD quality audio. The speakers are built around neodymium magnets, a premium quality material which is ideal for headsets because it is so lightweight, but also renowned for its low distortion properties. This is just one ingredient which makes the audio experience so good – Sennheiser says the SC660 is great for listening to music through, and the company is not joking. With craftsmanship like this, the SC660 could give Dr Dre’s Beats headphone brand a run for its money.

Have you used the Sennheiser Century SC660? What are your thoughts on its audio and build quality? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, and why not invite others to join the conversation on social media as well. And if you would like to find out more about the SC660, Sennheiser offers a free trial for all of its contact centre and office headsets.


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