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Unlocking Microsoft Teams ROI with voice management

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Published: August 24, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Microsoft Teams has quickly emerged as not just one of the most popular collaboration tools in the world, but also a powerful platform for both UCaaS and CCaaS requirements. Through solutions like direct routing, Microsoft gives businesses a unique opportunity to build the ideal communication stack, in an environment familiar to their employees.  

Forrester’s Total Impact Report on Microsoft Teams demonstrates just how effective the right strategy can be. According to the analysis, Teams delivers an average ROI of around 832%. This ROI comes largely from cost savings achieved through more efficient workflows, improved communications, and enhanced internal collaboration.  

However, unlocking the true value of Microsoft Teams can be complex. Simply looking at the communications element, managing operational costs, minimizing business risks, and ensuring consistent service quality can all be time-consuming processes for business leaders. That’s why leading Microsoft partner, Resonate, created their intelligent “Voice Management Platform”, designed to enhance Teams ROI.  

What is Resonate Teams Voice Management? 

Resonate’s Teams Voice Management platform is a tooling platform that assists with the deployment and management of the voice elements of Teams. It includes a suite of apps created using Power Platform to provide features such as automated number request processes with integrated approvals for zero-touch configuration.  

The Teams Voice Management solution addresses the primary issues companies face with user and number management, and license consumption monitoring to help businesses get more from their ecosystem. It also provides access to powerful insights in the form of Power BI dashboards, to help facilitate business growth.  

Primarily, this end-to-end toolkit addresses central issues within Teams Phone deployment & management. For example, with the Voice Quality Insights app, companies can monitor service quality, finding ways to resolve issues before tickets are raised. They can also reduce operational costs, with behind-the-scenes insights into license usage and network configuration.  

What’s more, Resonate’s toolkit helps to improve IT admin efficiency, eliminating the need for complex PowerShell scripting, or requiring staff to have elevated access privileges to the Teams Admin Centre exposing businesses to unnecessary risk. The solution is offered on a per-user-per-month basis, to adhere to the needs of different companies and budgets. Plus, Resonate offers a 30-day free trial of their SaaS based platform.  

“The results can be impressive,” says Harkirat Degun, Resonate Product Director. “One of our clients has saved £600K per year in support costs and £150K a year in licensing – not to mention the improved employee experience. In fact, we have now built on online calculator so clients can see the savings the tool can bring.” 

Resonate Teams Voice Management: Features 

Resonate Teams Voice Management is a toolkit offering more control and opportunities to IT administrators. It simplifies processes like assigning phone numbers to team members, running PowerShell scripts for number provisioning and tracking license usage.  

The solution also eliminates internal request processes and reduces the need for administrators to leverage comprehensive knowledge of PowerShell scripting for simple tasks, with automation tools for configuration, management, and license review. Features include: 

  • Automated number provisioning with simplified configuration 
  • Automated set up for Teams phone solutions 
  • Simple request management and automation 
  • Endpoint management and number management 
  • Call queue and auto-attendant solutions for role-based call workflows 
  • Usage insights for monitoring adoption and license access 
  • Proactive insights into Teams voice quality 
  • Managed API for innovation 
  • Scalable architecture on a Microservices build 
  • Self-service deployment portals with CSM onboarding support 

The solution also benefits from an easy-to-use app interface, with convenient, and visual reporting dashboards, showcasing everything from number usage to common requests. 

The Core Benefits of Resonate Teams Voice Management 

While studies show that Microsoft Teams can deliver significant benefits to companies, leveraging the highest possible ROI from the ecosystem can be difficult. The direct routing capabilities of Microsoft Teams require companies to either master PowerShell scripting, or work with third-party vendors to simplify the provisioning, configuration, and management of tools.  

Resonate’s solution offers a different approach. The Teams Voice Management toolkit provides a simple-to-install, and convenient service for Teams Phone, suitable for use with any supplier. The core benefits of the solution include: 

  • Comprehensive control: Resonate’s Team Voice Management platform comes with a scalable, flexible architecture and microservices build. This provides companies with more control, greater resilience, and better development agility. Customers can even adjust their data residency based on compliance standards.  
  • Increased Teams ROI: Resonate’s toolkit can save companies up to £1 per user, per month on Teams operating costs. Businesses can ensure they never run out of numbers and pay only for the solutions they’re using. Plus, intuitive services help companies to ensure their voice environment has the right capacity and licensing.  
  • Reduce IT admin tasks: With a streamlined solution for Teams phone provisioning, companies can eliminate repetitive tasks from the to-do lists of administrators. Changes can be managed by users through self-service tools and enhanced with automation. Plus, the SaaS solution is extremely simple to install and manage. 
  • Improved employee experience: Resonate’s tools help business leaders and admins to identify and resolve issues before they can have an impact on team performance. Visibility and insights into phone numbers, call queues and call quality can also help to ensure teams are getting the most value from Microsoft Teams. 
  • Valuable insights: The flexible toolkit from Resonate makes it simple to monitor crucial information, from adoption rates, to call quality and solution performance. This provides businesses with the insights they need to scale and optimize their Teams instance.  

Resonate also offers support from expert solution architects with years of experience in managing and supporting Microsoft Teams deployment, for custom service and guidance.  

Transforming Teams with Resonate Voice Management 

The Resonate Voice Management solution for Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive solution designed to address the core challenges businesses face with increasing Teams ROI. As a Microsoft, Modern Work Solution Partner with an Advanced Specialization in Calling, Resonate has created a highly effective and efficient solution, which not only improves team performance, but minimizes overhead costs and complexities. Plus, the platform is constantly updated to address evolving business needs.  

For companies struggling to unlock the full value of Microsoft Teams, the Resonate Voice Management toolkit eliminates complex, time-consuming tasks. This powerful, enterprise grade service scales to suit any business needs, works with any voice partner and Teams modality be it Operator Connect, Direct Routing or Calling Plans 

Resonate’s powerful feature set can help any company to unlock more opportunities within Microsoft Teams.  

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