Daisy Hosted Voice Review: Flexible, Powerful & Backed by BT Fibre

Daisy Hosted Voice is ideal for UK-based businesses, with free minutes, affordable handsets, and a host of add-on integrations.

Daisy Hosted Voice Review: Flexible, Powerful & Backed by BT Fibre

Daisy Hosted Voice is a VoIP solution for organisations with 1 to 500 employees. It is backed by the Daisy Group, one of the UK’s leading IT, communications, and Cloud Service providers. The Daisy Group has gone through several avatars, originally founded in 2001. 

Over the last decade, Daisy Group has continually added to its technology capabilities with a series of investments and acquisitions. Today, it caters to businesses of varying sizes, under the brand Daisy Communications, for less than 500 employees and Daisy Corporate Services for large-scale enterprises.  

Daisy Hosted Voice is the flagship solution from Daisy Communications, replacing the legacy phone system with smarter, cloud-based services. Let’s review the product in greater detail.  

Inside Daisy Hosted Voice 

To provide its customers with robust and reliable infrastructure, daisy has partnered with British Telecom (BT) Wholesale. This combines BT’s enterprise-grade fibre network, with daisy’s cutting-edge software innovation. As a result, Daisy Hosted Voice offers uninterrupted service availability, high-speed telephony, and a cost-efficient alternative for communication management.  

For businesses looking to upgrade from physical telephony systems, Daisy Hosted Voice is an attractive alternative. It comes built-in with premium PBX features and call recording storage on the cloud. This means that you can easily access and retrieve relevant call records, to help train your contact centre/customer service workforce. Here is a brief review of its features:  

  • Voicemails can be converted into a text format and directly emailed to your inbox. This allows you to follow up on only the most necessary conversations, and discard the rest
  • Daisy Hosted Voice comes with an unlimited auto-attendant so that you can respond to customer requests 24/7. Calls are either routed to the relevant team/agent, or to voicemail in case of agent unavailability
  • You can leverage advanced Hunt Groups to configure the call forwarding flowchart. This includes sequential and simultaneous telephone ringing, apart from other competencies
  • To deliver the latest unified communication features, Daisy Hosted Voice has native instant messaging thanks to its IM&P architecture and in-app video support
  • There is a Go Integrator Lite capability right out-of-the-box, letting agents dramatically boost productivity by simply clicking to dial

If you’re interested in upscaling your solution to keep pace with business growth there are several optional features, available at an additional cost component.  

  • Calls can be recorded and stored on the cloud, minimising any ambiguity as to where critical training and audit resources are located.  The cloud also enables virtually unlimited storage capacity
  • You can opt for UCTeam, a set of collaboration-focused features such as conferencing, designed to improve team productivity
  • Just like Go Integrator Lite, you can select Go Integrator DB which offers CRM integrations in addition to click-to-dial.

Why Daisy Hosted Voice Makes a Difference  

What impressed us most with Daisy Hosted Voice is the straightforward setup process. Daisy Hosted Voice comes with a clear per month, per-user pricing model, with all core functionalities, a free handset, and 5000 free minutes included for every user. On top of that, Daisy also provides extensive training so that even your newest recruits have no trouble getting started with advanced cloud-based PBX.  

In fact, cloud-based PBX for modern organisations as it bypasses Public Internet Traffic to ensure high-speed connectivity and superior call quality. It also helps that Hosted Voice is backed by daisy’s strategic partnership with UK’s leading telecom provider, BT.  

Finally, we liked the fact that Daisy’s handsets were of high quality, compatible with HD communications and unified collaborations. Daisy’s online admin portal ensures that you always have visibility and control over the ecosystem, no matter how expansive.  

What We Think  

For businesses based out of the UK, Daisy Hosted Voice is definitely a compelling alternative to traditional telephony. Not only does it take advantage of the rising popularity of VoIP, but it’s also backed by BT’s incredible market heft, bringing best-in-class fibre infrastructure. We could imagine a distributed workforce collaborating seamlessly over the Daisy platform to provide exceptional customer services.  

And it also helps that licenses start from £17, complete with 5000 minutes and additional handsets at just £5/month!  


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