Weave Comms System Review: No-Brainer for Healthcare Providers

Clinics looking to combine contact centre-like efficiency with tailored customer experience needn’t look any further

Weave Comms System Review: No-Brainer for Healthcare Providers

Customer communications systems are now a staple for any business and probably no one knows it better than Weave. This US-based company was founded in 2008 and has obtained total funding of over 75 million till date. Interestingly, Weave zeroes in on a very specific industry  healthcare and dental clinics.  

Patient communication systems bring highly specific requirements in terms of responsiveness, compliance, and collaboration. Recognising this, Weave offers an end-to-end collaboration suite designed for dental clinics, optometry specialists, medical care providers, and veterinary hospitals. Weave’s software aims to streamline patient communication starting from the very first call, improving experience quality and reducing the cost of care.  

Let’s review the features of Weave Communications Systems in more detail:

Inside the Weave Communication System 

Weave does everything that you’d expect from a business telephony system, starting from automated call alerts, call recording, and SMS-based communication. It also goes a step further, providing integrated payment options such as text-to-pay. Weave could prove extremely useful for small to mid-sized healthcare businesses looking to go digital. Let’s now review Weave’s five component modules.  

  • Weave phones – Weave has its own VoIP service that can be linked with the company’s software ecosystem. You can also integrate your existing practice management system and electronic health records (EHR) to create a single source of truth. There are detailed call records, Smart Pop-ups technology for task scheduling, call reports, and unlimited calling. As an added bonus Weave provides up to 10 Polycom phones completely free of cost
  • Pop-ups and alerts – Weave’s unique SmartPOP technology truly sets it apart. Whenever a patient dial in, you receive automated notifications on patient history from the EHR, details on the patient’s family’s appointments, as well as outstanding bill details. Smart Pop-up brings to healthcare what in-app notifications dies for contact centres  you enjoy the same convenience without risking non-compliance
  • Appointment reminders – Weave has a customisable reminder software that can be configured to send your patient messages either on the day of, one day before, or two days prior to an appointment. This takes little effort, as an automated template can be modified as per specific patient groups. Weave can even integrate with your existing business calendar
  • Team chat – Like any good contact centre software, Weave boasts of a powerful messaging tool. Keeping in mind industry needs, the chat is fully compliant with HIPAA  a US legislation that defines the provisions for protecting medical data. There are detailed conversation histories, private and group chats, and broadcast messaging support for added functionalities
  • Appointment confirmations – Weave makes it particularly easy for customers to confirm appointments. Much like AI-based natural language processing, the software converts statements like “Sure, I can make it” or “I’ll be out of town” into a simple yes or no. You can synchronise the confirmation module with the Weave app so that every appointment is auto-updated on your practice management system
  • Online reviews – To help healthcare providers build a robust online repetition, Weave offers a set of ORM tools. You can scan reviews across multiple channels, filter and respond to customer feedback, and auto-invite patients to leave a review  all from a single platform
  • Weave reports – Telephonic interactions are compressed into detailed data reports, plugging into Eaglesoft (a popular on-premise dental office practise management system). You can view call productivity and volumes at a glance, filter by day/week/month/year and drill down into each data point to discover hidden insights

Why Weave Makes a Difference  

Weave is more than just a contact centre tool for healthcare. It is intelligently attuned to unique industry needs, ensuring that data collection and communication meets the objectives of small-to-mid-sized clinics. We were impressed by the availability of ORM and in-app payment modules, clearly designed to help clinics maximise their profitability.  

Small details such as the ability to edit and delete messages to maintain the accuracy of archived information, make Weave a preferred tool for healthcare providers.  

What We Think  

There are no two ways about it  if you’re in the healthcare segment, Weave’s communication system is in a class of its own. It provides a seamless customer experience by tapping into omni-channel capabilities. It can be integrated with popular practice management tools like Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, SoftDent, and PracticeWorks. And, it is compliant with the latest laws regulating services and data interactions in healthcare.  

Given that you get up to 10 IP phones as part of the package we think Weave is a pretty solid bet!  


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