About 3CX

A short history

About 3CX

3CX are well-known global unified communications vendor.

3CX’s technology is primarilly SIP based and therefore lends itself to working with other SIP based platforms and endpoints.

The idea encompassed by the creators of 3CX was not only to replace the proprietary phone systems that businesses no longer considered to be effective or efficient, but to deliver a completely unified communication solution as an open-standards software IP PBX.

3CX Phone System is an IP business system that supports both soft/hard SIP phones, traditional PSTN phone lines, and VoIP services. It can be integrated with other applications such as Sage ACT, Google Contact, and Salesforce to allow for a more comprehensive solution to collaboration. What’s more, by utilising the SIP standard, 3CX and its technology partners like Yealink and Snom have produced a future-proof Unified Communications system.

Today, the 3CX Phone System has been selected by organisations and leading companies throughout the world when it comes to meeting telephony and Unified Communications requirements. Some of the most famous clients managed by 3CX include Harley Davidson, MIT, McDonalds, Hugo Boss, and more. As a 100% channel company, 3CX only sells via its 3CX partners, and the partner program was awarded by CRN during 2013, and 2014.

The History of 3CX

The 3CX Phone System for Windows was first developed and published as a free IP PBX product during 2006. When it was introduced to the market, the product was intended to offer a VoIP solution that could be easily and effectively used within the Microsoft Windows environment.

The very first commercial adaptation of 3CX emerged during 2007, and since then 3CX has experienced a huge surge in popularity, with dozens of high-quality reviews noting the ease-of-use that the product affords in terms of hardware compatibility, management, and configuration.

3CX can work with popular SIP trunks and gateways, and IP Phones. As a complete Unified Communications Solution, 3CX features plenty of useful aspects including softphones, presence management, web conferencing, smartphone clients and more – without the concerns typically associated with traditional or outdated PBX solutions.

Award-Winning Unified Comms

Since its original inception during 2006, 3CX has continued to move forward positively with a range of innovative products, including their recent launch of a web collaboration and conferencing solution which allows for the transformation of communications between customers and companies. The 3CX WebMeeting software is a fully-integrated solution which leverages Google WebRTC technology to offer a plug-in free and clientless solution to communication. For many businesses, 3CX developments have allowed for the enhancement of company productivity, the reduction of excess costs, and the streamlining of various operations to propel sales.

Throughout the years, 3CX has won a range of amazing awards, with the latest honours taking place in 2014 and 2015. During 2014, 3CX won the “Best Enterprise On-Premise” designation. During 2015 it was named “Most Innovative Product”, a “CRN Top Tech Innovator” and the “Best SME On-Premise System.”

3CX is multi-platform capable and software based. It can be installed to leverage existing servers and can even be used on low-cost mini PCs. One of the ways in which 3CX’s portfolio sets itself apart is with easy management and installation. A setup can take minutes, and 3CX can run on premise on any existing Linus or Windows machine, and on virtualised Hyper-V or VMware. The PBX can also be virtualised within the cloud on OVH, Google Cloud, and more.

The 3CX system comes with out-of-the-box unified communication features such as Fax & Voicemail, email and instant messaging, and presence management, all designed to improve employee productivity. What’s more, 3CX includes plugin-free and integrated web conferencing with a range of advanced features.

In the increasingly mobile network, 3CX still has a substantial part to play, as the system includes powerful softphones for windows and mac, as well as smartphone clients for Android and iOS. Businesses can answer calls via their office extension on their smartphone, or control desk phones with the desktop CTI mode for reduced mobile costs and enhanced employee mobility.

Today, 3CX continues to maintain a global presence with fifteen offices throughout the world, including countries such as the UK, France, Germany, Australia, and more, as well as local and easy to use websites in a range of languages.

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