Alianza Improves 911 Emergency Support

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As firms increasingly embrace digital transformation emergency comms can prove tricky

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Alianza Improves 911 Emergency Support

Alianza has developed its cloud communications platform to help US-based service providers more easily comply with enhanced 911 (E911) federal regulations, that came into effect last month.

Alianza said compliance with E911 rules is getting more complex as enterprises and organisations increasingly embrace digital and cloud transformation, and as unified communications tools allow users to make calls from personal computers, tablets and other mobile devices – making location detection more challenging.

The enhancements that Alianza is introducing include the capability for its Cymbus desktop and mobile softphone applications to leverage location services to “dynamically route” emergency calls to the nearest public safety answering point (PSAP).

The Cymbus softphone app is now capable of supporting E911 locations via the device’s GPS or manual input from the user. When a user dials 911 from Cymbus, their call will be connected to the nearest PSAP based on the latitude and longitude provided by their mobile GPS.

The regulations require that any multi-line telephone system (MLTS) — like those used in office buildings, hotels, hospitals and schools, and increasingly in home offices — must be capable of providing a “dispatchable location” in response to 911 calls. This includes details such as the caller’s street address, floor and room number or any other information needed to precisely identify the caller’s location to aid emergency responders.

In addition, users must be able to place a 911 call directly, without having to dial a prefix such as a “9” to get an outside line. And they must also be able to generate a notification to an on- or off-site central location, such as a front desk or a security office, when a 911 call is placed. This is to help on-site personnel to prepare for the arrival of emergency services.

“Of all of the communications services that a service provider offers, those related to the health and safety of their end customers are most critical,” said Justin Cooper, EVP for Product and Customer Success at Alianza.

“The new enhancements to our cloud communications platform will ensure that our service provider customers can more easily get into and stay in compliance with important new federal E911 regulations. This development work is becoming even more crucial as enterprises and organisations continue their digital and cloud transformations,” Cooper said.

Alianza says it now supports over 200 service providers worldwide.



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