Alianza wants Telecom Service Providers to ‘Ditch the Box’

With over 300,000 customers on its cloud voice platform, Alianza aims to help providers focus on CX

Alianza wants Telecom Service Providers to ‘Ditch the Box’

For Alianza, 2018 meant one thing for the vendor – growth. Both customer engagement and the number of service providers buying into its business model reached milestones. First, Alianza’s platform earned the business of over 60 service providers across North America.  

Second, CEO and Founder Brian Beutler says Alianza filled over 300,000 seats on the platform – a six-fold increase since 2015. Adding to this list of achievements, the company continued to see a rise in monthly revenue, growing by more than 55 percent. In total, Alianza experienced eighteen consecutive quarters of revenue growth.  

Beutler explains what’s fueled such rapid growth.

Alianza’s approach to business  

“If you were to draw a Venn diagram with UCaaS and CPaaS opposite one another, Alianza sits in the middle. We’re trying to bring UCaaS and CPaaS functionalities to service providers through a cloud-based, API-first-enabled platform. Alianza takes a multi-dimensional approach to problem-solving, delivering to service providers while enabling them to take services to end users,” said Beutler.   

Alianza provides a solution for service providers only – not to retail customers. Paired with ease of setup, Beutler no longer wants retail voice providers to build and maintain their own network infrastructure.  As he puts it – “Cloud source it.”  

It is precisely this concept that’s resonating with service providers. 

A diverse marketplace  

To provide some context, operators in the North America market manage over 120 million fixed voice lines. Over 90 percent of these voice lines are managed by service providers themselves. This ensures a diverse marketplace of viable customers.   

Any company that sells or resells a broadband network—can use Alianza to replace existing voice networks, white label it, or for greenfield voice services. Rakuten Viber recently completed a greenfield wireless network in Japan, making it the world’s first end-to-end, fully virtualized and cloud-native mobile network 

As service providers continue to push the envelope and focus on CX – solutions like Alianza will remain a driving force in the digital transformation. 

Innovation road map for 2019 

Service providers will have a difficult decision to make, moving forward. Will they ‘ditch the box’ so to speak? Service providers must typically install and manage a plethora of software programs for billing, network gear, firewalls and more – in order to provide voice services. 

Alianza wants to ease the burden for providers across the globe as it continues to expand.  

“Historically, Alianza focused on where service providers have provided voice services – mostly in homes and businesses. Today, they plan to switch focus to where service providers are going.”

“As the telecom market heads to the cloud, these companies can now focus on strategic initiatives for broadband expansion a strategic differentiation. This will allow service providers to focus on the customer experience and less on how they deploy and manage software,” said Beutler.


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