Analytics King Meridix Become’s Destiny’s Child

Antony Savvas

Destiny has added yet another Swedish firm to support its SME and service provider business

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Analytics King Meridix Become’s Destiny’s Child

Pan-European unified comms and cloud services provider Destiny has acquired Swedish analytics and reporting company Meridix, to help customers get the best insights out of their platforms.

The Meridix platform collects data from multiple communication solutions and presents them in one intuitive and unified user interface.

Destiny, which acquired two other Swedish firms last year, was already a partner of Meridix before buying it. The two have a large number of common service provider customers in Europe and beyond.

“This acquisition is a next step in working even closer with Meridix, in order to bring innovation faster to service providers and the companies that rely on our cloud communication technology,” said Daan De Wever, CEO of the Destiny Group.

“The Meridix platform was ‘born in the cloud,’ it gives our service provider customers powerful data-based business insights for various communication solutions and it is intuitive to work with.

“It therefore perfectly fits within the business ambitions of the Destiny Group, reinforcing our position as a leading UCaaS provider for SMEs and service providers in Europe,” said De Wever.

Meridix will become part of the Destiny for Service Provider unit and the full team and management will be integrated within the Destiny Group.

“We are teaming up with a leading UCaaS provider in Europe as a native part of Destiny’s product catalogue going forward,” said Johan Wendelstam, CEO of Meridix. “We will be in a much better position to continue to support and grow together with our partners and customers, at the same time as we increase technical investments and the product innovation pace.”

He added: “Destiny and Meridix will align their roadmaps so that Meridix service provider customers and partners will have even better performing products.

“Support for third party solutions like Microsoft Teams, cloud PBX solutions and contact centre modules remains in focus, and is aligned with Destiny’s strategy to play well with others.”

Destiny, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, has more than 700 staff across seven European countries and an annual turnover of almost €200m.

Last year, Destiny also acquired two data hosting and security services businesses located in France.



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