Out Loud: April Showers UC Today with BIG News

The UC Today team review all of the latest news, stories and gossip from April in our latest edition of Out Loud

Out Loud: April Showers UC Today with BIG News

First up Rob and Patrick round up the April news, covering off all the big stories such as Cisco Spark’s rebranding, Mitel being purchased and the general trend of strategic acquisitions.

The pod also looks at the release of the UC Today Market Guide which is now available completely free of charge.

The other major news looming in the UK market is the implementation of GDPR legislation which come into force on the 25th of May.

Finally we look to the months ahead including events like UC Expo which will UC Today will be covering in London in May.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and expert guest Rob Scott.

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Rob Scott 11:05, 02 May 2018

If we’d held off just one day we could have mentioned Cisco’s other BIG news.. (maybe one for our May round-up)


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