Avaya IP Office Goes Global with Google Cloud

Avaya bring IP Office to the Google Cloud

Avaya IP Office Google Cloud
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Published: May 14, 2019

Rob Scott

Rob Scott


Avaya is making access to the Google Cloud easier than ever to their partners and customers. The popular “Powered by IP Office” solution previously delivered through virtualised environments offered through Avaya partners is now available through the Google Cloud.
Ready to roll out across 24 markets, the new Google Cloud Powered by Avaya strategy leverages container technology to combine Avaya Spaces and Avaya IP Office with an online marketplace. The new offering will bring next-generation and traditional communication and collaboration features to users through unique and cost-effective container technologies.
Partners looking to take advantage of the new Google Cloud service won’t need to invest in any of their own infrastructure to get started. You can get up and running in the Google cloud with minimal investment required, giving the solution a great advantage over other cloud options.

Powered by Avaya on the Google Cloud

For customers of all sizes and backgrounds, the Avaya Powered by IP Office solution delivered through the Google Cloud provides an excellent opportunity. It’s a chance to find your own cost-effective path to the  from an on-premises environment. What’s more, you can protect and maintain your existing Avaya investment, with no need for a rip and replace process.
The Avaya DevOps team will be responsible for maintaining the hosting infrastructure available in the Google Cloud for the new solution. This means that to be an Avaya Container partner; you don’t need to worry about upgrading your technical knowledge. Avaya will give you everything you need to provision, deliver and maintain your new service. According to Avaya’s team, most partners can expect an 80% cost reduction from their Containerised solution. What’s more, you can provision services in 5 minutes or less.
The Powered by Avaya option will be automatically made available to Avaya partners; it is available today. Participating countries include Turkey, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Norway, Peru, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Malaysia, Ecuador, France, Ghana, Canada, Costa Rica, Chile, Brazil, Belgium, and Demark.

Avaya Innovation Remains Strong

Avaya is making waves in the communication and collaboration marketplace lately, thanks to their discussions around a possible sale. With rumours all over the market, it seems that the company has found the balance they need to remain focused on finding a great deal while continuing their commitment to constant innovation and development.
The Avaya Powered by IP Office opportunity has grown in popularity by more than 700% since it was launched in April 2018. Today, the service is available across 56 countries. The simplicity of launching Avaya solutions through Google is sure to attract even more opportunities for Avaya.

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