Bandwidth Partners with Alianza to Provide Cloud-Based Solutions  

Alianza’s comms platform combines with Bandwidth’s network and API capabilities  

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Published: June 22, 2022

James Stephen

Technology Journalist

Bandwidth is combining its network and API solutions with Alianza’s communications platform to enable cloud migration.  

The solution targets communication service providers (CSPs) using legacy infrastructure, helping them to transition to cloud-based services for voice, messaging, videoconferencing, and emergency services.  

The Bandwidth-Alianza partnership already has 50 CSP customers across the U.S. and Canada.  

Sandy Preizler, Bandwidth’s Chief Revenue Officer, said: “The CSP space is an important new growth category in our strategy to power the communications move to the cloud.”  

“Alianza has been visionary in giving CSPs a new way to remain competitive through speed-to-market with new cloud-based services.  

“We’re excited to strengthen our long-time relationship through this partnership to enable CSPs to deliver mission-critical cloud communications with very attractive economics.”  

CSPs represent more than 2000 telecom carriers, cable companies, and fibre and wireless broadband operators, which have their own networks, supplying local businesses. According to Bandwidth, these carriers are losing customers to over-the-top providers selling directly to their customers.  

Bandwidth believes that in order to remain competitive, CSPs must switch their legacy systems to cloud-based infrastructure.  

Brian Beutler, CEO & Co-Founder of Alianza, said their customers had found the migration to the cloud transformative. He says they are embracing this partnership because there is a growing realisation that if service providers don’t move to the cloud, they will be unable to compete in the next decade of communication services.  

Beutler believes transitioning to the cloud is a strategic imperative as legacy communications network infrastructure will not be able to keep up with cloud-based innovations and ultimately cede a lot of business to their over-the-top competitors.  

There are some challenges for CSPs, as Beutler explains: “The biggest challenge is resources and knowing how many resources are going to be needed.  

“We have done 50 of these joint customer migrations from legacy network infrastructure so far. We are creating great process procedure success cases in complex network environments with customers across a variety of verticals.  

“We are quickly, efficiently, and effectively moving customer bases to the cloud with zero customer impact.  

“There are always challenges with big projects like this, especially big upgrades and migrations, but with partners like Alianza and Bandwidth working together, we are going to streamline that process and build on the prior successes that we have had.”  

Currently, 90% of Alianza’s customer base is in North America, with only 10% of revenue coming from international customers. However, Beutler said that its partnership with Bandwidth had tied it to Voxbone, a leading international telephony provider, which Bandwidth acquired in 2020 

By this time next year, Beutler predicts that Alianza will have a “vastly improved international footprint and experience, facilitated by the Bandwidth offering”.  

Bandwidth is a global communications software company offering cloud-ready voice, messaging, and emergency services. It has a network reaching more than 60 countries and covers 90 per cent of global GDP companies such as Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Zoom, and RingCentral.  

Alianza provides a cloud-native, carrier-grade communications platform for service providers. Its communication services include voice, video conferencing, collaboration, text messaging, and UC softphones. The company also brings with it 12 years of experience catering to CSPs.



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