Big News You May Have Missed

Popular stories from the last week that you may have missed

Big News You May Have Missed

Welcome back to another brilliant week of news and updates in the communication, collaboration, and customer experience landscape. As we step into fall, countless companies are preparing for 2021, with announcements, events, and conferences demonstrating where the industry will be going in the years ahead.

Over the last seven days, we’ve seen some thrilling updates from Microsoft at Ignite 2020. Startups like ASAPP are also beginning to emerge, showing us new ways to use native AI. If you haven’t had a chance to keep up with all of our fantastic stories this week, here are some of the reports that you can’t afford to miss.

Microsoft Delights at Ignite 2020

Microsoft Ignite is one of the biggest events in the tech industry for a reason. Microsoft launched the virtual event this year with an insight into all the ways that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that we live, work, and communicate. As the world continues to adapt to an environment where “anywhere work” is the new normal, we’re all keen to get our hands on the tools that will make us as productive and efficient as possible.

During Ignite, Microsoft introduced new enhancements to the Power BI app for Microsoft Teams, which will make it simpler for companies to see data from across the business landscape. Cortana will also be gaining new capabilities in Microsoft Teams and Outlook. What’s more, Microsoft Teams will be offering new insights intended to improve employee wellbeing too. Check out the full story here.

ASAPP Augments CCaaS with Native AI

It’s common to see technology giants like IBM and Microsoft rolling out exciting new innovations each year. However, there’s also room for the scrappy startup in today’s agile landscape too. Since 2014, the ASAPP company has been transforming the world with new discoveries in speech recognition and AI human speech parity. ASAPP recently pushed beyond the highest levels of available accuracy to reach an incredible figure of 98.25%.

With advanced new algorithms, ASAPP blends native AI technology with self-learning engines and applied research to create truly unforgettable CCaaS offerings. These CCaaS solutions could be the key to a customer experience unlike anything we’ve seen before. See the full story here.

Microsoft Teams Transforms Meetings with Together Mode

Microsoft is taking the collaboration market by storm with Microsoft Teams. The messaging and video conferencing application is quickly becoming the most popular tool in the current marketplace, offering a quick and convenient way for people to stay connected. Together mode was just one of the most recent introductions from Microsoft to make the Teams experience more immersive.

In an environment where employees can’t always meet face to face, Microsoft Together mode makes it easier to feel like you’re sharing the same space as your peers. The incredible Together Mode solution uses virtual simulations and video conferencing to transform the way that we meet in the digital environment. Discover how Together mode feels here.

Twilio and Cyara Enhance Cloud Migrations

Award-winning provider of solutions for automated CX, Cyara, recently announced their work with leading cloud communications company, Twilio. The innovative partnership will help the two companies to assist companies more effectively in making the migration to cloud within the contact centre. Cyara and Twilio will be working to help teams of all sizes digitally transform with new technology in the cloud, without sacrificing customer experience.

Cyara will be joining the thriving partner ecosystem provided by Twilio as a leading assurance solution for Customer Experience. The integration with Twilio will give Cyara full access to the power of Twilio Flex. Check out the story here.

Microsoft Teams Offers Breakout Rooms

One of the biggest announcements of Microsoft Ignite this year came in the form of a highly sought-after feature for Microsoft Teams. As the Microsoft group consistently works to enhance the way that we work together virtually, Microsoft Teams continues to deliver new features. This includes the arrival of a breakout room solution for Microsoft Teams.

The Breakout rooms come alongside access to a host of different ways for companies to customize the way that they connect with their colleagues. Alongside features like Together mode and Gallery mode, users will be able to unlock Breakout rooms for more ways to meet than ever before. More insights from the announcements here.


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