Blueface Review – The New Face of UC?

A glance at what the Blueface UC solution can offer businesses

Blueface Review – The New Face of UC?

Founded in 2004, Blueface is a brand that has always prided itself on challenging traditional telecoms providers by offering reliable, innovative and competitively priced products to a wide variety of different businesses.

With Blueface, the brand promises a state-of-the-art cloud service built from over 100,000 hours of in-house R&D to deliver unparalleled levels of flexibility, scalability to business communications.

As an end-to-end solution, Blueface guarantees reliable support for all areas of a business’s communications without any third-party involvement and delivers a set of industry-leading, self-maintaining features at an affordable rate.

So, does Blueface really live up to these promises? With a solid reputation as one of the unified communications industry’s top providers, you would expect nothing short of excellence – but what exactly does it have to offer?

How does it look?

The Blueface UC portal offers businesses a minimalistic, user-friendly, web-based interface that allows system administrators to easily configure accounts, ring groups and the numbers assigned to them, and quickly add/remove users. System configuration edits take effect in real time.  The UC portal also provides access to key features such as real-time call reporting, call recording and call conferencing at the click of a button.

By housing all of the information and features in a single cloud based portal window that can be accessed from any desktop computer or on any smartphone, tablet or laptop via an innovative Blueface app, it’s clear this UCaaS service was built specifically to improve efficiency and speed in (and out of) the workplace.

What can it do?

Rich in features

First and foremost, Blueface offers a robust set of features to cover every requirement for just about any type of businesses. With the platform, users can benefit from call conferencing, BYOD and remote worker support, single-number reach, voicemail to email, extension dialling plus many more.

From an administrative perspective, Blueface offers an abundance of features that help save time such as online real-time billing, multi-site deployment, web API, call routing management, disaster recovery options, not to mention call recording, call reporting and call monitoring services to help maintain security and boost staff productivity.

Cost Reduction

One of the biggest pulls for businesses looking to invest in cloud solutions is the monumental savings on cost – and Blueface doesn’t fail to deliver. Offering zero line rental fees and delivering a wide range of self-maintained features that are automatically updated with all the latest security updates in a state-of-the-art Blueface data centres, Blueface drastically cuts down on company spending and allows business owners to invest their capital into other, more productive areas.

Greater Mobility

Recognising the rising trend of the remote worker and the need for greater mobility in modern businesses, Blueface fully supports BYOD with a specially developed app that allows users to engage with colleagues and clients from any location with Internet access. Collaboration is the key to success and thanks to Blueface users can work together as a team at any time and from any device that is most suitable.

Ongoing Customer Support

Trusted by more than 20,000 businesses worldwide, Blueface is a company that invests a great deal of time in energy into providing free, unlimited support for its partners with a knowledgeable team of professionals always ready at hand to resolve any issues that may occur.

As well as phone and email, Blueface customers can also find support through a Live Chat Messenger feature and can undergo complimentary training sessions to ensure their business get the most from the UCaaS solution and the features it offers.

What do we like?

UCaaS is a rising trend in business for many of the reasons listed above. Unlike other cloud UC solutions on the market, however, we feel that the simplicity of Blueface and the way it delivers ongoing support and cutting-edge features to businesses through a user-friendly, highly-efficient interface is what truly sets it apart from the rest.

Fast, powerful communications without any of the fuss is a huge driving point for Blueface and it’s clear that the team has invested a lot of time in developing good relationships with its customers that go much further than the sales transaction alone.

Who is it for?

Good communication is crucial to success in business and Blueface has demonstrated its potential for helping businesses achieve this goal on many levels.

As a fully scalable UCaaS solution, Blueface offers a great deal of flexibility and can therefore be used by businesses of all sizes from smaller SMEs right through to multi-site enterprises.

UC Today Opinion

For businesses about to embark on their digital transformation by investing in a UCaaS solution, we feel that Blueface offers a great deal of features built to enhance business communications on a number of different levels. More than this, however, it is obvious that Blueface  truly cares about its customers and the promise of free, ongoing support is a valuable asset for any business that is anxious or has doubts about switching over to the cloud.

Have you used Blueface? What do you make of it? How would you rate it on flexibility, on team collaboration, and on telephone compatibility? Whatever your thoughts, we are always very pleased to hear them. So please feel free to leave a comment in the section below, and why not share this article on social media and invite friends and colleagues to join in the conversation as well.


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