Bridging Comms Gaps with XMedius

Today, it seems like everyone is talking about the future of communications.

Bridging Comms Gaps with XMedius

The environment is evolving, driven by the demand for more agile tools, cloud strategies, and scalable products. However, most larger companies can’t afford to dive head-first into the future without considering the systems that they already have in place too.

For years, big enterprises have been building their communication stacks using effective, but often expensive legacy systems. Now that there are new opportunities available, bigger brands want the opportunity to explore new solutions, without leaving their existing investments behind.

XMedius, a global leader in secure file exchange, technology and software solutions, has a solution for organisations hoping to bridge the past and the future. At this year’s UC Expo 2019 event, I caught up with the Channel Sales Leader of the UC side of the XMedius business, Don Saynor.

Tell Us About you and XMedius

Donald (Don) Saynor is the Channel Sales Leader responsible for the UC aspect of the XMedius business. “We also have another channel organisation that focuses on document management. My responsibility is to deal with the voice and communications side, ensuring that our channel partners get the most value out of our products.”

The XMedius brand offers a range of solutions today, including tools for secure document delivery and faxing. However, the thing I was most interested in was the XM Connect product (formerly CX-E). Don told me that XM Connect is XMedius’s UC product, designed to provide interoperability for IT infrastructure and telephony solutions.

“It’s our UC application suite that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. It provides everything from call processing, voice messaging to IVR capabilities. You can choose any legacy or hosted strategy you like, and we’ll build on top of it.”

What Can XM Connect Do?

For companies working across a range of communication platforms, XM Connect bridges the gaps in their strategy. It works with every PBX on the market and builds on top of those solutions with advanced UC applications. “Our software does things like providing auto-attendants, call-routing, and voice mail. There’s speech recognition, and transcription too.”

According to Saynor, XMedius has been working on agnostic messaging and communication solutions for several years. “XM Connect is engineered to give our customers enterprise-class Unified Communications applications that they can use to improve their IT infrastructure experience and boost productivity.”

Don admitted that XM Connect is a bit of a niche solution, as it’s designed for large enterprises who can’t immediately jump straight into the cloud-first environment.

“We support a lot of large companies in healthcare and education who still rely on a lot of legacy technology. We bring their solutions together so that they can continue to use other investments.”

Who Does Your Product Appeal to?

The XMedius company is constantly looking for ways to add new value to their offering. However, the simple ability to connect the past and the future is compelling for a lot of brands. For instance, XMedius has been working with Microsoft for a long time now. They can offer companies who want to move into the Microsoft Teams environment a chance to combine that new technology with their existing PBX and calling solutions.

Vendors in the communication market are constantly rolling out new things and leaving support for older systems behind. However, there are a lot of businesses out there that don’t just want to install new things whenever their vendors tell them to. With XMedius, companies don’t have to upgrade everything immediately. “You can keep some of your existing technology and build out into future solutions too with a strategy that works across any platform.”

According to Don, XMedius has a client with them right now that manages a million calls per month through XM Connect. They’ve been with the brand for 12 years, and they love them because they allow them to adapt and change their system however, they choose.

Giving Customers Their Own Path

Essentially, XMedius believes in giving today’s companies the choice and freedom they need to evolve at their own pace. There’s even the option to tap into native transcription from XM Connect, which is delivered through partners like VoiceBase. “We also offer APIs so that our customers can use Microsoft and Google transcription too.”


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