Small Business UC&C: BroadSoft Hosted PBX Review

BroadSoft Hosted UC brought to you by VanillaIP

Small Business UC&C: BroadSoft Hosted PBX Review

Small businesses have a problem to deal with. They want an exceptional communication strategy – just like any other company, but they don’t have a lot of budget to work with. The good news is that countless vendors, including market leaders like BroadSoft, are beginning to produce nimble solutions for the SMB.

VanillaIP built their Hosted UC strategy on BroadSoft to bring users the “best of both worlds” for their small business communications. In other words, you get the functionality, reliability, and rich applications of Cloud UC, with the flexibility and automation of their own “Uboss” system.

At UC Today, we were interested to try an SMB platform for ourselves that allows companies the opportunity to build their own service bundles.

Disclaimer: The opinions in this article are those of the writer. We do not sell VanillaIP products and invite you to share your own thoughts in the comment section below.  

The Features of VanillaIP BroadSoft Hosted PBX

While there may be many other service providers on the market offering BroadSoft-based SMB feature sets, VanillaIP pride themselves on having the most feature-rich solution on the UK market. At the same time, they add to the BroadSoft offering with their own “UBOSS” service, allowing organisations to design their own distributor and reseller bundles from scratch.

Key features include the BroadSoft Premium Call Centre, BroadWorks Anywhere, SIM Ring, Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups, and Shared Call Appearance user services. Some of the other benefits provided by VanillaIP are:

  • Home Worker Support
  • Call Recording (Hosted)
  • One Number: Keep Existing UK Numbers
  • Reception Console
  • “Meet Me” Conference Bridge
  • Toll Fraud Protection
  • Unified Messaging, Instant Messaging, and Presence
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence

VanillaIP BroadSoft Partner Bundling Options

The VanillaIP BroadSoft Hosted Services solution is carefully designed for small business resellers who want to differentiate themselves in the current environment. VanillaIP allows their customers to bundle their services in unique formats to offer special options to end-users depending on their requirements.

Additionally, the bundling opportunity allows resellers to scale their offerings up and down to make sure that they can serve almost any segment of the UC market.

What We Liked About BroadSoft Hosted PBX

VanillaIP gives UK resellers and small businesses access to a flexible hosted solution that takes the stress out of communications. Some of our favourite features include:

  1. Reliable SIP Trunking: Ideal for resellers, partners with VanillaIP can overlay intelligent networking services from the cloud onto customer premise-based systems. SIP trunking endpoints offer users a common dialling plan, for a consistent communications strategy on a hybrid basis
  2. Disaster Recovery: VanillaIP is there to protect their customers. Any asset in a hierarchy can be automatically forwarded to a pre-existing disaster recovery number activated in Uboss. This helps to ensure that no-one loses out on any important business opportunities or client communications
  3. Advanced features: By building on the BroadSoft platform and implementing their own unique Uboss features, VanillaIP gives customers a range of unique features to choose from. You can even bundle your own packages with messaging, video collaborating, screen sharing and more
  4. Handset Support: The VanillaIP service supports some of the leading IP handsets from Polycom and Yealink to support customers who want to maintain a legacy on-premise system. The terminals can be configured through Uboss to improve call quality, and many phones support customisation so that Uboss can change features and buttons according to the end-user’s

Who Is VanillaIP BroadSoft Hosted PBX for?

This hosted communication service from VanillaIP and BroadSoft is intended for any small business reseller who needs a reliable phone system without a huge amount of investment. The solution has everything smaller companies may need to keep up with an agile and ever-growing UC environment.

Want to Know More about BroadSoft Hosted PBX?

Visit the VanillaIP BroadSoft Hosted PBX website for more details on features, bundles, SIP trunking, handsets and more.

UC Today Opinion

If you want to compete with the big fish when it comes to reliable and high-quality communication, but you don’t have a lot of money to spend, then the VanillaIP BroadSoft Hosted PBX service could be perfect for you. Ideal for resellers who want to build their own packages from scratch, VanillaIP combine their own unique Uboss features with the reliability and innovation of BroadSoft.

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