Business is Changing: Resellers Need to Evolve With It

Guest Blog by Glynn Jones, VP EMEA Channels & Advanced Technology Group, Polycom

Business is Changing: Resellers Need to Evolve With It

To sustain a relationship with their customers, it is imperative that resellers understand the evolving needs and objectives of their customers’ workforce. Glynn Jones, Vice President, Channels and Advanced Technology Group, EMEA, for Polycom outlines how resellers and system integrators can adapt to changing business culture trends.

Business culture is changing fast. Resellers and systems integrators must be proactive in evaluating the needs of the workplace in order to provide solutions and counsel to meet the demands of evolving business culture trends.

Changing flexibility in the workplace is one such cultural shift. For example, Polycom finds that 45% of Brits prefer to work from home, and that 76% of the global workforce uses video conferencing once a week. In short, we’re working more flexibly and more collaboratively, and that means organisations need tools and expertise to deliver flexible workspaces to their staff. As a result, resellers and systems integrators may find themselves increasingly talking with people from the Human Resources (HR) department as well as IT decision makers.

It is essential to keep in regular contact with customers. This will help to understand the needs of an organisation and its workforce. By asking questions, resellers and systems integrators are able to gain insights that help them to consider different options on how to improve the experience in the workplace. This will benefit the organisation, but also the partner, who can provide the right technology and services to improve productivity and enhance job satisfaction.

It’s important to consider how technology and services will help staff be even more productive. For many companies, flexi-working is integrated into the workplace. It has moved beyond the option to work at the office or from home. Now, employees can work anywhere, which often includes dedicated huddle rooms for conference calls and collaborative working.

By understanding the rise of flexible working, resellers can be proactive in finding the right collaboration tools for their companies. For example, some offices may have large conference rooms while others have smaller workspaces, which effects what type of audio and video technology can be deployed there.

Collaboration technology should provide the experience of an extended office – regardless of where it is an employee is working from. Being able to share content seamlessly and in real time will allow employees to feel productive with their work, despite being away from the office.

To summarise, resellers must work with organisations by gaining knowledge about their needs and objectives in order to anticipate future changes within the workplace. When resellers understand the objectives of their customers it can be easier to find collaborative tools that can provide solutions for their employees’ needs. By understanding customers’ evolving business culture and respond to their changing needs, resellers can maintain a strong relationship with their customers. In the long term, this is better for everyone.

Guest Blog by Glynn Jones, VP EMEA Channels & Advanced Technology Group, Polycom.

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