CallTower Joins the Webex Wholesale RTM Program

Ryan Smith

CallTower expands its market offering by joining the Webex Wholesale RTM program

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CallTower Joins the Webex Wholesale RTM Program

CallTower has joined Cisco’s Webex Wholesale Route-t0-Market (RTM) program as it aims to meet the needs of SMBs.

By joining the program, CallTower now has access to Webex resources which it can offer its customers and expand its market offering.

The Wholesale RTM program is designed to bring Webex to SMBs by leveraging the market power of service providers worldwide.

William Rubio, CallTower Chief Revenue Officer, commented: “Joining the Webex Wholesale RTM program is a huge win for CallTower and our customers.

“We now have access to all-new resources to deliver Webex to an entirely new market and empower customers with connectivity and collaboration of that solution across the globe.”

To become a Cisco Certified Calling Provider, CallTower had to complete a “rigorous” certification process to ensure end-to-end compatibility with Webex Calling.

Cisco states this allows customers to be confident that CallTower can support a wide range of Webex deployments such as basic calling scenarios, enterprise-scale Webex Calling, and more.

Andy Ramos, CallTower VP of Global Sales, added: “Enabling our sales forces with the Webex Wholesale RTM program is a big and necessary leap forward.

“It translates to new revenue and market segment opportunities to provide geo-redundant Webex services to more organisations worldwide at truly competitive prices.”

CallTower recently entered a strategic partnership with TD SYNNEX to develop business growth in Cisco and Microsoft reseller groups.

The partnership will try to accelerate growth with access to resellers for brand awareness, positioning and joint sales alignment to drive new short and long-term businesses.

The union will also extend the marketing efforts of CallTower to offer new opportunities as the organisation plans to provide sales and technical training to customers.



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