Continuant Teams Connect Review: Convenient Teams Calling

Unlocking telephony in Teams with Continuant

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Continuant Teams Connect Review: Convenient Teams Calling
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Published: March 28, 2023

Rebekah Carter - Writer

Rebekah Carter

Offering the perfect combination of flexibility, scalability, and ease of use, Microsoft Teams has emerged as one of the most attractive UCaaS platforms for modern companies. Microsoft’s commitment to transforming the future of work has allowed the company to produce a highly intuitive ecosystem for boosting inclusivity and engagement in Teams.

However, while Microsoft Teams can offer a lot of benefits to businesses in search of powerful collaboration and productivity tools, it may not be enough on its own for some brands.

Though it’s possible to use Microsoft’s own calling plans to add PSTN calling to Teams, many companies find these solutions too simplistic for their needs. That’s why Microsoft began working with global partners  like Continuant to offer companies a new way of accessing calling with Teams via Direct Routing. Here’s what companies can expect from Continuant’s powerful and customizable  Teams “Connect Calling” solution.

What is Continuant Connect Calling for Microsoft Teams ?

Continuant is a market-leading UC Managed Services Provider and Systems Integrator committed to assisting businesses to achieve their digital transformation goals. The company offers a range of highly customisable solutions focused primarily on enabling brands to move away from legacy calling systems into flexible and scalable  cloud environments.

Continuant Connect Calling provides companies with a variety of ways to integrate enterprise-level calling capabilities into Microsoft Teams. The solutions are offered via “Direct Routing as a Service”, which means businesses can access both connectivity solutions and managed services to help them make the most of their Teams ecosystem.

There are a handful of options available from Continuant, giving companies more freedom in deciding how to connect their calling technology to the Teams landscape. Options include:

  • Connect Calling (PTSN): Here, companies access carrier-grade cloud PSTN calling solutions from Continuant, alongside E911 services and Direct Routing for Teams. New DIDs can be created through Continuant or ported into the Teams tenant.
  • Connect Calling (BYOC): For business leaders with an existing investment in a carrier solution, Continuant also offers a “Bring your Own Carrier” approach. Business leaders choose which carrier they want to connect to Teams, and Continuant does the rest of the work, enabling the Direct Routing connection on the backend.
  • CC (On-Prem BYOC): Organisations still leveraging legacy communication systems and PSTN solutions can also link their existing technology to Teams through Continuant’s Direct Routing and SBC solutions. This can be an ideal option for larger brands with large legacy investments or companies with complex hybrid telephony requirements.

Continuant Teams Connect Calling Review: Features

Continuant essentially provides business leaders with all of the support and technology they need to unlock the full potential of Microsoft Teams as a UCaaS service. The company’s resilient and flexible cloud platform as a service supports the full Microsoft Teams calling lifecycle.

What’s more, Continuant offers assistance to businesses every step of the way, with state-of-the-art migration help, deployment, implementation, support, analytics, and integrations. Regardless of the strategy companies choose to link Teams and their enterprise calling tools, they’ll be able to leverage fantastic features like:

  • A comprehensive Geo-redundant global network
  • Flexible deployment options (including Direct Routing as a Service)
  • Enterprise-grade security with end-to-end protection
  • Analytics, proactive monitoring, and reporting features
  • Carrier-grade infrastructure for redundancy and reliability
  • Migration, deployment, and integration support
  • Customisable service and guidance tailored to each company

Continuant customers can also access a range of additional services and solutions from the Continuant portfolio alongside their Teams Connect investment. The company can help with everything from hybrid call management to custom AV setup for meeting rooms.

Continuant even offers a Teams Connect Meeting Rooms service, which allows companies to deploy meeting rooms quickly and easily, integrated with Teams and managed by the experts at Continuant.

Continuant Teams Connect Calling Review: Benefits

The Connect Calling solutions from Continuant are designed to serve companies in a range of different environments and industries looking to boost their ROI from the Microsoft ecosystem. The flexible and scalable solutions provide business leaders with exceptional levels of customisation and control. This means every business can access the advantages of Teams without having to compromise on security, reliability, or call quality.

Some of the main benefits of Continuant’s approach to Teams calling include the following:

  • Flexible deployment options: Companies can choose from a range of purpose-built solutions designed to meet the unique needs of different voice environments. Users can choose between one of Continuant’s award-winning cloud PSTN solutions or bring their own carrier into their Teams ecosystem with minimal effort.
  • Exceptional reliability: Continuant’s cloud platform as a service system comes with access to carrier-grade infrastructure for exceptional voice and communication quality. The geo-redundant global network also ensures businesses can scale and evolve over time without having to invest in additional hardware, tools, or experts.
  • Specialist support: Not only is Continuant an Exclusive Microsoft Solutions partner with a deep knowledge of the Teams ecosystem, but the team can also offer businesses expert guidance and support every step of the way. Whether companies are looking for help with adoption and change management or setting up meeting rooms, Continuant can help.
  • Enterprise-grade analytics and security: Businesses don’t have to worry about compromising on security and performance with Continuant. Powerful backend analytics and reporting tools make it easy to keep track of crucial metrics. Plus, companies can continue to access the controls and security policies they need to keep data secure and safe.
  • Cost savings: Because Continuant’s technology can adapt to suit the needs of every brand, there’s less need to rip and replace old solutions and legacy systems. Companies can bring the technologies they already use with them into Teams. They can also migrate completely into the cloud at their own pace without having to rush their teams and disrupt productivity.

Continuant Teams Connect Calling Review: Verdict

As companies continue to embrace the full power of Microsoft Teams as a UCaaS solution, demand for the right direct routing services and support is growing.

Continuant’s customisable, client-first approach to Direct Routing as a Service makes the company an excellent choice for a wide range of brands. With Continuant, business leaders can access flexible deployment options, migration support, capacity management and more, all without taking on extra expense and complexity.

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