CounterPath Enhances Visitor Management Experience

WinTech updates ALICE with CounterPath

CounterPath Enhances Visitor Management Experience

Leading unified communications solutions provider, CounterPath, recently announced that it has been working with WinTech, a global technology solution developer, to enhance the brand’s visitor management solution. WinTech chose CounterPath as their solution for high-definition video and voice solutions for ALICE, the company’s AI-enhanced virtual receptionist.

ALICE, which stands for “A Live Interactive Customer Experience,” is the tool that WinTech relies on for advanced visitor management, communication, and greetings. This tool serves as a crucial virtual receptionist for SMBs that want to offer their guests a more personalised check-in and reception experience. The WinTech brand embraced CounterPath’s VoIP SDK to bring more high-quality HD voice and video communications to the ALICE network. These functionalities mean that ALICE can now guide customers through check-ins, send notifications to staff, and connect employees and clients more efficiently.

Next-Level Visitor Management Systems

Recent research in the marketplace suggests that the environment for visitor management systems will experience 8.3% CAGR growth over the next five years. By 2024, the space should be worth around $1.2 billion. According to the CEO of WinTech, Mike Yoder, the company needed a robust SDK with a proven background in the VoIP market to help them accelerate their visitor management strategy.

Although WinTech evaluated several options over the years, they ultimately chose CounterPath as their go-to solution. According to Yoder, other SDKs were lacking in multiple components where CounterPath excelled. Today, the VoIP SDK from CounterPath helps WinTech to power high-definition voice and video solutions to make ALICE an incredible virtual receptionist.

WinTech believed that developing VoIP capabilities from scratch for ALICE would be an expensive and time-consuming process. They decided that it was better to use an SDK with ongoing support, maintenance, and updates available.

Keeping ALICE Up to Date

Todd Carothers

Todd Carothers

According to Yoder, the single code base offered by CounterPath’s VoIP SDK, and the service wrappers available with it made the plan of adding HD voice and video to ALICE simple. The company was able to reduce its time to market for ALICE, and now rests assured that feature developments in the future will be easy to access and implement, thanks to the CounterPath support team. With help from CounterPath, WinTech can keep ALICE running smoothly in the years to come.

CounterPath’s VoIP SDK is currently one of the most reputable on the market, featuring more than a decade of innovation and development. According to EVP of Marketing, Product and Sales at CounterPath, Todd Carothers, CounterPath is proud to be helping WinTech meet the needs of their application demands with the development of the ALICE solution. CounterPath is happy that its SDK gives WinTech an optimal experience for its developers, along with all the support the company needs to continue integrating new capabilities into ALICE.


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