CPaaS gets Simplified with New Platform from CafeX

CafeX have made it easier for enterprises to embed collaboration services into web and mobile applications

CPaaS gets Simplified with New Platform from CafeX

Global Unified Communications service provider, CafeX Communications, has launched a new platform that is designed to make it easier for enterprises to deploy a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) across their organisation.

The Platform removes the complex barriers to entry by focusing on a configuration rather than a coding approach to management, enabling businesses to integrate video conferencing, cobrowsing, live chat and full omnichannel solutions within business applications for customer engagement and workforce collaboration scenarios.

“We couldn’t be more excited to announce the launch of our cloud-based platform, which represents the culmination of years of experience working with top global brands.”

“Whether it’s our Azure-hosted integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, or the embedded collaboration experiences we’ve enabled for many Fortune 500 companies, these learnings have been brought together to deliver a single platform that puts the needs of the business first with a relentless focus on simplicity, flexibility and scalability,” said Sajeel Hussain, Chief Strategy Officer for CafeX.

CPaaS has been increasing in popularity over recent years and more and more organisations are looking at ways of utilising it as a way of creating custom communications services that fit within existing applications.

“Market demand for CPaaS is growing as organisations look to deploy new communications services that reduce friction for customers and strengthen workforce productivity,” said Michael Brandenburg, Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “Componentised solutions that accelerate or even minimise the need for software development are a major step in the right direction in enabling services that are better oriented to meet business workflow objectives.”

CafeX agree and believe that this has hitherto been limited to those customers with access to extensive specialist resources.

“Development teams often need to allocate significant resources for activities such as call flow scripting and user interface design. Developers also typically need to work with multiple Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), one for each service type,” continues Sajeel.

The CafeX Engagement Platform streamlines the resource requirements by replacing the separate APIs for voice, video, cobrowsing, recording and other services with a single REST API. This also means that the appropriate communications capabilities, participants and branding requirements only require very minimal coding to be configured.

For the styling and design on the client side, a single Software Development Kit (SDK) enables reusable HTML tags that can be simply dropped into websites and mobile applications along with pre-built design templates for quick startup and testing.

The CafeX Enablement Platform offers numbers features and benefits that they believe are unique within the marketplace:

  • A single platform with many use cases with a full suite of communications capabilities include voice, video, cobrowse, screen share, live chat and recording can be embedded as the customers requires for both omnichannel customer engagement and workforce collaboration scenarios across all vertical industries
  • Faster time-to-market via a single API, pre-built UI designs and a configuration-over-code approach All of which reduce development effort required to embed communication experiences in apps and websites as well as integrate with third party services
  • Flexible, scalable, affordable cloud deployment, hosted in the CafeX cloud with support for both multi-tenant and private instances which enables companies to activate one or more capabilities based on business demands, then scale up at their own pace, paying only for services used on a subscription basis
  • Turnkey applications packaged and available out of the box including CafeX Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365 to facilitate omnichannel engagement, CafeX Meetings for online conferencing and CafeX Spaces for outcome-driven collaboration in virtual rooms

CafeX is a leading provider of communications platform as a service (CPaaS) solutions for top brands around the world. Their cloud based engagement platform makes it effortless for organisations to embed communication capabilities within their existing business applications.

The CafeX Engagement Platform has been successfully deployed by a number of leading customers and general availability is expected in April 2019.


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