CPaaS Solutions 2019 – Build your own Comms Platform

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CPaaS Solutions 2019 – Build your own Comms Platform

The Communications Platform as a Service marketplace is growing at a rapid pace. According to reports from groups like IDC, enterprise spend on CPaaS should rise to about $10.9 billion by 2022.

It’s easy to see why demand for CPaaS is growing. Today’s communication strategies are all about “experience,” from the meaningful moments you deliver to your customers, to the solutions you use to empower call centre agents. Although the early adopters of CPaaS were typically digitally-transforming and agile companies, there are a growing number of businesses exploring the CPaaS opportunity today.

The ability to custom-build and grow your communication strategy provides enterprises of all sizes with new opportunities to thrive, generate revenue, and improve customer engagement across with personalised communication.

The Benefits of Exploring CPaaS

Until we began to unlock the potential of CPaaS, building apps for certain forms of communication was a complicated process. Not only did you need the developer background to implement new capabilities into your existing applications and communication environment, but you had to hope for an open infrastructure to allow this development.

Usually, if you needed to do something different with your communication stack, you either needed to approach a carrier and request a solution, or simply pay for additional capabilities from other providers. Everything from the need for complicated hardware, to the demand for skilled personnel, made it impossible for many organisations to take a DIY approach to communications. Now, CPaaS ensures that anyone with a knack for creative design and smart planning can invest in a brand-new, evolved system.

Today, CPaaS vendors are allowing organisations to accomplish things that would have been impossible without easy access to APIs and SDKs. Anyone can implement messaging, voice, video and more into their existing communication stack, without spending excessive amounts of time or money on transformation.

Reviewing Today’s CPaaS Vendors

Now that technology is evolving more rapidly than ever, with disruptive opportunities like IoT and AI at the helm, the demand for CPaaS is greater than ever. APIs and SDKs have the power to revolutionise the communication technology that we rely on each day. However, for the most part, the vendors that are getting ahead are the ones that can offer the most simplicity in their strategies.

As the technology available through CPaaS continues to grow, with opportunities for everything from AI in the contact centre, to reporting and analytics, simplicity is sure to be key. The only way to deploy a cutting-edge CPaaS solution is with a strategy you can embrace, understand, and adapt to your needs.

In our 2019 CPaaS review series, we’ll be looking at some of the best communication platform as a service solutions. In each review, you’ll be able to explore the features that these CPaaS providers offer, as well as what makes the vendor stand out in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

Got a specific vendor that you’d like us to review? Leave us a comment, and we can see what we can do.

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