Nexmo CPaaS System Review: Transform your Comms

Modular communication to suit you

Nexmo CPaaS System Review: Transform your Comms

Do you need a way to rapidly and reliably transform the way you communicate with employees and customers? The CPaaS revolution has given businesses of all backgrounds and sizes the opportunity to create pioneering connection opportunities, inside of their existing processes and applications.

Nexmo, the API platform designed by Vonage, is a CPaaS company focused on delivering highly customisable strategies for communication and collaboration. Around the world, businesses rely on the Nexmo platform to upgrade and enhance their business applications with easy-to-use APIs. Nexmo’s impressive global platform and access to expert support ensure that you can eliminate the complexity of communications in virtually any environment.

The Nexmo CPaaS Platform

Defined as the CPaaS platform that’s “built for business” and “loved by developers,” the Vonage Nexmo platform makes communications infrastructure more accessible. Countless companies, including Microsoft, Uber, and Twitter have already discovered the benefits of Nexmo for themselves, and there’s a free trial available for new users. The Nexmo platform offers APIs across a range of categories, depending on your needs, including:

  • Voice: Reliable and low-latency voice calling that supports the development of enterprise-grade communications in any app or website.
  • SMS: Programmatically receive and send messages in almost every country
  • Messaging: Communicate via popular messaging tools like WhatsApp and Messenger
  • Video: Upgrade the communication strategy with live video interactions
  • SIP trunking: Make and receive calls in the cloud with your existing VoIP services
  • Number insight: Real-time insights into any phone number in the world

The Nexmo platform reaches more than 1,600 carriers around the globe. What’s more, the built-in compliance engine is automated by the Nexmo platform.

Nexmo Voice API

Built on Vonage’s incredible background in the voice space, Nexmo’s Voice API allows companies to personalise their PSTN and WebRTC calling experiences with data and user context at their fingertips. Scale with a range of voice capabilities on an advanced global carrier network with access to features like call tracking for recording voice data, Simple IVR to support call flow, and more. Features of the Voice API include:

  • Web sockets for easy integration with third-party vendors
  • Voice quality engine for high-level voice experiences
  • WebRTC enabled calling over PSTN and IP
  • Nexmo call control objects
  • Globally supported conferencing
  • Audio playback
  • Auto-Join conference calls
  • Answering machine detection
  • Recording Management
  • Split or multi-track recording
  • Audio streaming
  • Text-to-speech
  • Early media support
  • Speech synthesis mark-up language

Local, clean phone numbers are offered around the globe, along with elastic SIP trunking, toll-free numbers, and easy service management.


NexmoGive your customers the information that they need, wherever they are with the flexible Vonage Nexmo SMS API. This solution gives businesses access to private SMS communication strategies so that they can send the right messages at the right time. You can integrate everything into scheduling features, to appointment bookers and reminders.

Additionally, with two-factor authentication, your users can log into the system without having to remember complex passwords. Features include:

  • Number pools
  • Shortcodes
  • Advanced encoding
  • Number fallback
  • Local Number ID
  • Persistent Sender ID
  • Programmable phone numbers
  • Two-way messaging
  • Queuing
  • Concatenation

Nexmo Messages API

The Nexmo Messages API is all about taking your messaging strategy to the next level. Go beyond SMS to access some of the most popular messaging tools used by consumers today, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more. Combine multiple messaging platforms, MMS, and even RCS solutions with a single, robust application. Features include:

  • Native-app multi-media messaging with video, geo-location, and audio
  • Real-time chat with lowest possible cost
  • Access to multiple popular applications
  • Dispatch API to optimise message delivery
  • Customer service alerts and notifications
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Single event callbacks
  • Nexmo API security with JWT authentication
  • Adaptive routing
  • Client ref identifier
  • Same call back behaviour
  • Simple formatting and advanced encoding

Nexmo Video API

The popularity of video in the workplace is growing drastically. In a world of remote employees and mobile working, one-on-one interactions are happening more through video than ever before. With the Nexmo video API, you can build live video into any mobile or web app. What’s more, you can also combine your video with messaging and voice too. Nexmo’s video solution is delivered through TokBox, a service that provides cross-platform parity, scalability, dependability, and advanced WebRTC features. Capabilities include:

  • Plug-and-play accessibility
  • High-quality video chat embeds
  • Support for a variety of industries
  • Analytics services built-in
  • Advanced WebRTC features
  • Industry-leading documents and services

Nexmo SIP Trunking

Nexmo Sip Trunking ensures that companies can connect their existing PBX solutions to the cloud in a matter of minutes. Scale your business capacity up and down according to your traffic needs and go global in seconds. With the Nexmo Number Insight API, it’s even possible to fight back against fraud.

Nexmo’s SIP Trunking solution is ideal for companies that want to scale their on-premise contact centre into the cloud, using a hybrid environment. Call centre agents will have the power to send and receive calls anywhere with Nexmo support. Features include:

  • Advanced PBX compatibility
  • Automatic location-based routing
  • Efficient trunking elasticity
  • Multi-codec support
  • Digest authentication
  • Variety of SIP codecs, extensions, and content types
  • TLS support
  • Dashboard analytics and monitoring

Nexmo Number Insight API

Access a better overview of your customer information with the Vonage Nexmo Number Insight API. This simple, yet effective CPaaS solution ensures that companies can identify billions of numbers around the world and discover the most reliable ways to connect with customers. You can assess potential risks, reduce the threat of fraud, and increase acquisition with ease.

Nexmo’s Number Insight API means that business leaders can protect their company from fraud with up-to-date intelligence and ensure that customer numbers are reachable. Additionally, identifying callers in advance can bring more context to conversations, for enhanced end-user experiences.

What Makes the Vonage Nexmo CPaaS Solution Different?

Nexmo makes transforming your communication strategy easy, by handling the complicated aspects of integrating and developing new capabilities. With comprehensive and advanced APIs, companies can gain a significant edge over their competition.

Not only do Nexmo’s customers benefit from access to the unmatched global network of over 1,600 tier 1 and direct-to-carrier connections, but Vonage also makes it easy to manage your Nexmo services. You’ll be able to monitor and troubleshoot any issues with your applications, organise multiple services through sub-accounts, and even provide role-based access control to improve security. What’s more, dashboard analytics provide detailed overviews of your campaigns, all the way down to each caller’s country of origin.

Have you tried the Nexmo platform yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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