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Out Loud: Growing CPaaS Market Key for Ribbon

Recorded during Ribbon Perspectives 19 this podcast examines research commissioned showing rapid growth in the CPaaS market

Out Loud: Growing CPaaS Market Key for Ribbon

Patrick is joined by special guest Patrick Joggerst who is the Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Business Development for Ribbon Communications.

In this podcast, recorded during Perspectives 2019, Patrick first explains some of the background behind commissioning the survey. Ribbon are keen to ensure that they fully understand the different industry markets so that they are able to advise their service provider customers about trends and strategy.

The results have gleaned some interesting insight into the industry. Many buyers are considering upcoming UC purchases in various different areas and CPaaS is appearing to garner more and more interest. Security is also a major concern for organisations upgrading their communication systems.

“What we found is 57% of the respondents have had some kind of attack into their business – The threats are real, the threats are out there and I think they are becoming more and more important to the end user and something that the providers of UC can’t ignore any longer.”

Out Loud P Joggerst

Patrick Joggerst, Ribbon

CPaaS was also highlighted as a major area of focus for many businesses during the survey. Being able to integrate different communication methods appears to be a target for many businesses but Patrick explains that these must be simple for them to deploy and manage. Patrick provides some examples of where Ribbon has been working with service providers to enable their customers to easily utilise multimedia communication mediums.

One of the particularly successfully use cases has been in conjunction with IBM and the car rental company Hertz. Ribbon are providing IBM with voice and telephony functionality through its CPaaS platform, Kandy.

“They (IBM) are white labelling it and providing it as an IBM UCaaS service.”

This is a particularly large deployment with around 60000 seats in the US and further seats in other Hertz locations globally. Patrick explains that this sort of success will ensure that Kandy CPaaS plays a larger and larger role in Ribbon’s portfolio going forward.

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Presenter Patrick Watson and special guest Patrick Joggerst from Ribbon Communications.

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