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Ribbon Kandy CPaaS Platform Review

Real-Time communications in the cloud

Ribbon Kandy CPaaS Platform Review

As companies continue to search for more agile and flexible ways of introducing products and services to their user base, “as a service” solutions have grown increasingly popular.

Ribbon Communications, a global software company with expertise in the world of real-time communications, now provides a way for service providers to deploy state-of-the-art applications and features rapidly and cost-effectively. With the /unified-communications/cpaas (Communication Platform as a Service) system “Kandy,” Ribbon offers service providers an affordable point of differentiation.The Kandy Communications Platform is a selection of real-time communication software development solutions based on the cloud. With this service, SPs can implement the latest communication and customer support options into web, and mobile devices.

Let’s get to know the Kandy Platform a little better.

Benefits of Ribbon’s Kandy Platform

Ribbon is an expert in offering state-of-the-art, secure communication services to the modern marketplace. Based on two decades of experience across 25 countries, Ribbon’s portfolio makes sure that the contemporary service provider can access real-time communication services that support their customers and empower their teams.

The Ribbon Kandy Platform provides a host of SDKs and APIs which service providers can use to implement relevant comms technology into their applications and technology strategies. This means that each service provider can deliver a unique experience to their end-user. For example, using Kandy, you might give your SIP trunking clients the option to integrate their telephony strategy into a CRM for more context-driven conversations.

Ultimately, the Kandy platform provides a “Do It Yourself” communication strategies for developers. You can:

  • Improve customer interactions with real-time contextual conversations on desktop, mobile, and website-based applications. For instance, you might add integrated video shopping to an eCommerce site, or real-time messaging for customer service
  • Explore a rich-suite of real-time video, voice, messaging and collaboration features. Service providers can give their end-users the tools they need for better internal, and external connections
  • Connect various parts of the end-user workflow, such as CRM and customer service.
  • Simplify implementation with Quick Start systems, Ribbon’s “Kandy Wrapper” turnkey applications
  • Scale as required: The comprehensive Ribbon Platform includes SDKs for iOS, Android, and JavaScript, RESTful APIs and various libraries to browse for. Plus, it all comes with 24×7 support and network monitoring

Features of Ribbon’s Kandy Platform

The “build it yourself” nature of the Kandy platform means that the possibilities of this CPaaS system are practically endless. You can set up a self-service portal with your customers through Live Support APIs that integrate with social media, chatbots, and more. You can even implement proven AI solutions like IBM Watson, which accelerate conversations to a human agent when the AI can’t answer your customer’s questions. Just some of the features of the Kandy Platform include:

Pre-packed “Kandy Wrappers”:

  • Visual Attendant with self-provisioning web buttons and visual
  • Live support with social media connectivity and customisable communication modalities
  • Digital Cognitive Agent with integrations to chatbots like IBM Watson
  • Truck roll two-way video and content sharing
  • Concierge features to reduce cart abandonment
  • Business phone provisioning

Turnkey Applications:

  • Salesforce integration
  • Web collaboration services with HD voice and video, group messaging, and screen sharing.
  • Kandy SMB client with location-based services
  • KCS client with adaptive codex, and value-added services built-in

UCC Clients:

  • Smart Office with dynamic branding, contextual communications, and UC support
  • Skype for Business Integration
  • IBM RCC Integration
  • Global SIP trunking as a Service
  • Kandy Call Centre
  • Kandy Omnichannel Contact Centre
  • Kandy Cloud Contact Centre

Target Market & Regional Availability

The Kandy Platform from Ribbon is explicitly designed for Service Providers. Ribbon’s framework of APIs, SDKs, and pre-built turnkey applications are available worldwide so that anyone can tap into solutions like click-to-call, visual IVR, and shopping or support assistance.

Because the Kandy CPaaS service scales and adapts to the individual needs of service providers, you can choose to access it however you like. From mid-sized service providers who want to access Ribbon on the public cloud, to private cloud solutions, there’s something for almost anyone.

How to Buy & Pricing

Ribbon uses an outcome-based model which they refer to as “pay as you grow” for their Kandy Platform. The pricing is intended to keep up-front expenses to a minimum and enhance value-added services instead. If you want to purchase the service, you can either email the company, call them, or contact a reseller from one of Ribbon’s many locations around the world.

Finishing Thoughts

Ribbon’s Kandy Platform is a highly-flexible CPaaS solution for service providers who want to add more value to their offering. You can consume the service either from the Ribbon Public Cloud infrastructure or deploy it on a private cloud under your brand if you prefer. You can also choose to go to market with the service from the public cloud while your private cloud service is being implemented, and just switch people over at the click of a button when you’re ready.

Options for deployment include:

  • UCaaS: Reduce the costs of running the ultimate communication solution with a hosted cloud PBX and unified communications strategy. There’s a white-label portal so you can add your brand into the mix, and you can upgrade or downgrade the service however you like with SIP lines, SIP trunks, and access to 300 APIs.
  • CPaaS: Alternatively, you can bolt your own communications platform as a service solution onto your existing communication stack with a single-tenant, or multi-tenant offering. Kandy works on all consumer applications, business applications and enterprises with their pre-packed wrappers, SDKs, and APIs.
  • Kandy Link: Alternatively, if you want something extra flexible, you can go for the Kandy hybrid cloud service. As a local extension of the CPaaS service, the hybrid solution comes with a WebRTC gateway, REST API proxy and more. It’s also compliant with the latest regulations and compliance requirements.

For agile growth and flexibility, service providers can’t go wrong with the Kandy platform.

Have you tried the service yet? Do you think it’s as sweet as we do? Let us know in the comments below; we’d love to hear your opinions.

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