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Out Loud: Reviewing Twilio SIGNAL 2019

We hear from our Reporter, Moshe Beauford, who attended this year's SIGNAL conference

Out Loud: Reviewing Twilio SIGNAL 2019

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Patrick is joined by expert guest Moshe Beauford, Technology Journalist from UC Today.

Patrick asks Moshe about the idea behind Twilio SIGNAL and Moshe explains that enabling developers and customers to understand best practices is a critical focus for the event. Twilio’s platform relies on the ingenuity and skills of its developer community and SIGNAL provides the perfect platforms to share ideas and innovations.

Moshe then summaries the main news headlines from this year’s SIGNAL event. Twilio are placing a big focus on the potential for artificial intelligence, AI, technology to transform communication capabilities. Moshe tells Patrick that Twilio believes AI can play a role in all areas making processes more simple and more effective for its developers and end customers.

During the event Twilio also launched two new APIs. Firstly, Media Streams, which gives contact center management access to voice data in real time so that they can recognise potential service issues and take measure to resolve. Secondly, Twilio Conversations, which allows customers to consolidate, centralise and then manage message conversations across different channels. Moshe explains why both of these new releases will be valuable to Twilio’s customer and developer base.

“Twilio is really looking to save these developers a lot of time.”

Helping customers to improve efficiency by removing layers of infrastructure or processes Twilio is able to offer its development community the time to really focus on what adds value to their own businesses rather than managing the systems themselves.

Moshe was also impressed by Twilio’s focus on diversification, not only of their offerings in the market but also internally. Twilio has set ambitious goals to improve the diversity of its employees with more opportunities for women and for those from underrepresented backgrounds.

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