TeleSign Two-Way SMS Has Expanded Global Coverage

Two-Way SMS to provide support and engagement to customers in 84 countries

TeleSign Two-Way SMS Has Expanded Global Coverage

TeleSign, the world’s first end-to-end communications platform as a service (CPaaS), today announced expanded global coverage for Two-Way SMS through its SMS Verify and SMS APIs. TeleSign Two-Way SMS enables businesses to send and receive text messages from customers in 84 countries around the globe in order to provide support and engage them in the most ubiquitous method available.

With its global reach and ubiquity, SMS remains one of the best methods for businesses to communicate with users today. Ninety percent of SMS messages are read within three minutes and 98% of all SMS messages are ultimately read, versus just 20% of emails. Two-Way SMS from TeleSign serves as an effective touch point throughout the entire customer lifecycle and provides an optimal “human-touch” experience. Businesses create customer conversations through an open line of communication, send timely information and get responses instantly. This ultimately leads to higher customer conversion and retention rates and a superior customer journey overall.

“In today’s on-demand economy, consumers expect more from the companies they do business with. There’s a massive opportunity for brands to differentiate themselves in the marketplace by creating convenient and engaging two-way SMS based experiences. From rescheduling office appointments to confirming banking transactions, TeleSign Two-Way SMS makes it possible for businesses, big and small, to deliver customized experiences customers love.” Commented Tom Powledge, Chief Product Officer, TeleSign. 

Tom Powledge, Chief Product Officer, TeleSign

Tom Powledge, Chief Product Officer, TeleSign

As digital transformation continues to push companies to launch differentiated services for customer engagement, cloud communications solutions are driving these changes resulting in growth and increased customer conversion and retention. According to a recent TeleSign report, 87% of business leaders say their company’s success depends on the ability to connect with customers via SMS/text, voice and other cloud communications channels.

TeleSign Two-Way SMS Global Availability

With expanded global reach in 84 countries, TeleSign Two-Way SMS enables businesses to create a superior customer experience that leads to higher engagement, satisfaction, and growth. TeleSign Two-Way SMS is available today on top of of TeleSign’s SMS Verify and SMS APIs. This interactive communications feature can be seamlessly embedded into new or existing web and mobile apps.

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