Telestax RestcommONE CPaaS Review

Changing the way real time communications are developed

Telestax RestcommONE CPaaS Review

As demands for consumer and employee experience continue to evolve, businesses need a reliable way of embracing the latest technology. CPaaS, or Communications Platforms as a Service, ensure that organisations can quickly access modern tools, and implement them into their existing workflow, with no rip-and-replace necessary.

Telestax, a pioneer in real-time communications solutions, recently introduced the “RestcommONE” platform to give businesses more control over their communication stack. With a 100% cloud-ready solution, Telestax is a popular way to rapidly build and deploy enterprise-grade messaging, video and voice applications.

The Telestax RestcommONE Platform

With RestcommONE, businesses can build everything from basic voicemail systems to a complete CPaaS solution. There are plenty of ways to get involved with the platform, including using the Visual designer for drag-and-drop building. There are also SDKs available for quick implementation.

Telestax currently works with multiple high-performance communication providers, including Virgin mobile, T-Mobile, Avaya, Orange, and more. The RestcommONE solution includes:

  • Carrier-grade, fault tolerant and scalable service
  • Voice, video, and SMS in a single platform
  • Full cloud deployment with auto load balancing
  • Drag and drop visual design with automation options
  • SDKs for Android and multiple browsers
  • Complete RESTful API

RestcommONE also offers the Message Exchange, which allows users to send SMS texts outside of the UC platform to federate messages with OTT platforms. The first connected platform on the system is BroadSoft UC-One, built with BroadWorks. Businesses can use the system to maintain contact with customers and employees while ensuring that confidential data remains within the business network.

Telestax RestcommONE Programmable Voice

RestcommONE programmable voice is the CPaaS solution giving businesses the ability to build custom voice experiences. Via APIs or the RestcommONE visual designer, business leaders can make scalable voice solutions for Android, IOS, and web. Features include:

  • Build-your-own IVR with the option to route calls to specific departments and users
  • Call conferencing for a range of company sizes
  • Call centre enhanced with WebRTC technology
  • Power dialling for automating call routing and management
  • Intelligent call control for complete management of call flow
  • SIP interface to augment VoIP infrastructure
  • Recording and playback with transcriptions for meetings
  • Text to Speech and Speech to Text

Telestax RestcommONE WebRTC SDKs

TelestaxTake your collaboration strategy to the next level with live interactions delivered through real-time audio and video. Increasing personal engagement and experience makes teams significantly more productive and effective. Telestax offers Android, iOS, and web templates that ensure businesses can leverage all the features and benefits of WebRTC.

Telestax provides a range of Android, iOS and web templates that allow customers to leverage the advantages and features of WebRTC. With the Telestax portfolio you can:

  • Access secure video and audio with secure RTP protocol encryption and authentication
  • Unlock advanced voice and video quality for stronger experiences.
  • Connect with your existing UC applications for a seamless infrastructure.
  • Interact with VoIP systems using SIP, PSTN and more
  • Access support for reliable session establishment to reduce latency and increase quality
  • Stay flexible with device and platform independence
  • Adjust communication methods to multiple media streams, responding to bandwidth availability

Telestax RestcommONE Programmable SMS

These days, mobile communication is more important than ever. Programmable SMS has the features that businesses need to quickly scale and build texting applications. With RestcommONE, you can enjoy a complete solution for messaging at all stages of the telecom stack, including SIP and SMS messages. Features include:

  • Two-way SMS to send and receive SMS, run group messages, and broadcast content
  • Bulk messaging for consumer groups and employees
  • Message queuing with a single API request
  • Delivery reports delivered in real-time
  • Real-time SMS logs and notifications
  • Fetch SMS logs in real-time with APIs, receive detailed information and more
  • Bulk messaging to support multiple outbound messaging features
  • Push notifications built for iOS and Android
  • Unicode character support with UTF-8 to send and receive messages in multiple common languages.
  • Message federation to support SMS texts sent and retrieved from individuals outside of UC and business chat systems

Telestax RestcommONE Visual Designer

The visual designer available with the RestcommONE CPaaS solution makes the experience more accessible for businesses of all sizes. With a drag-and-drop builder, non-programmers can easily create and prototype telecommunication applications. Features include:

  • Responsive IVR with actions like Dial, Collect, Play, SMS, and so on
  • Integration with existing apps and services: For instance, integrate and automate calls to customers from CRMs like Zendesk or Salesforce
  • Drag and drop functionality to create easy call flows and applications with minimal complexity
  • RestcommONE markup language, available for use with other services or apps.
  • Easy integration with external applications and services
  • Full RestcommONE telecom stack access
  • Carrier-grade reliability and scalability
  • Flexible operations and monitoring support via API

What Makes Telestax RestcommONE Different?

Telestax has quickly emerged as a popular and highly accessible tool for companies that want to discover the benefits of real-time communications for themselves. The company is committed to building a straightforward ecosystem for application access and development, which helps people to communicate in real-time, regardless of where they are.

Telestax has a fantastic strategy in place for developing pioneering new solutions for its customers. They welcome regular feedback from their consumers and negotiate valuable relationships with collaborators and carriers worldwide which helps to boost the performance of their real-time communication solutions.

The connections that Telestax has with carriers around the globe helps to terminate and move MMS, SMS and similar traffic at an economical rate. However, for businesses that already have a long-standing relationship with an existing carrier, Telestax also offers a bring your own carrier option too.

Have you tried the Telestax RestcommONE CPaaS yet? Let us know what you think about it in the comment section below.


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