Twilio Studio – Enabling Companies to Accelerate Customer Engagement

Studio advances the Twilio Engagement Cloud and speeds the launch of new communications use cases in the enterprise

Twilio Studio – Enabling Companies to Accelerate Customer Engagement

Twilio, the leading cloud communications platform, today announced Twilio Studio, a visual interface that allows companies to accelerate the development of world-class customer engagement applications. With Twilio Studio, software developers and cross-functional teams can collaborate to build a variety of engagement solutions, such as interactive voice response (IVR) systems, conversational messaging bots, or notification workflows in minutes instead of weeks.

Twilio APIs have long helped software developers build communications workflows into business applications. Twilio Studio opens up that capability to a wider variety of builders inside a company to build, scale, and iterate on workflows – ultimately accelerating roadmaps and enabling faster iteration on ideas. Software developers can build workflows and hand them off to business operators to iterate on later. Business users will be able to build many workflows themselves, without needing a developer up front. With Studio, the business gets the best of both worlds: the flexibility that only comes from custom software development, with the speed of a packaged solution.

“Prior to Twilio Studio, businesses had to choose between buying pre-packaged products with limited customisation or relying on limited development resources to create and maintain more dynamic customer experiences,” said Jeff Lawson, Twilio CEO and co-founder. “Studio eliminates that false choice, allowing developers to accelerate their roadmap by putting the power of Twilio into the hands of more builders across every company.”

Twilio Studio combines an intuitive drag-and-drop visual editor with a library of omni-channel widgets that handle the underlying communication logic. This allows cross-functional teams to customise communications workflows for their applications, all hosted on Twilio’s serverless technology. Twilio Studio provides developers and business users with:

  • A faster way to build engaging customer experiences: A library of widgets represent different communication channels and functions for creating workflows. Building a world class experience for customers is as easy as dragging and dropping those widgets into the best flow for any situation
  • Improved agility to iterate on those experiences as customer needs change: Changing content and routing logic for an application can now be done visually rather than in code, making Twilio accessible to every department within a business including product, marketing, support and engineering. Adding a new channel or changing the customer experience can happen quickly without having to write new code
  • Rapid development and deployment of new communications use cases: As end-users around the world demand access to business through a growing range of channels, companies risk losing business if they cannot adapt quickly. Twilio Studio can unlock the creativity of the business to connect with customers in endless new ways much faster than before
  • Unmatched scalability and reliability to grow with the business: Workflows built with Studio are hosted and run on Twilio Runtime, the same elastic cloud infrastructure that runs the entirety of Twilio’s platform. This allows businesses to focus on building great experiences rather than unnecessary infrastructure

“As the UK’s leading car supermarket, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve the car-buying experience for our customers,” said Darren Keverne, software development manager at CarShop. “With Twilio Studio, we’ll be able to expand the ways our customers interact with us, making it easier than ever for consumers to shop for a car.”

Twilio Studio is the latest addition to the Twilio Engagement Cloud, a suite of services for companies to build multi-channel customer engagement applications. These next-generation services enable developers to build more rapidly with less coding, and are designed to help businesses get to production scale faster than ever before.

Twilio Studio is now available in preview in the Twilio Console.


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