WhatsApp Business Now Available on Nexmo

Nexmo introduces WhatsApp Business in limited availability

WhatsApp Business Now Available on Nexmo

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular platform for social chat, recently announced the arrival of the new WhatsApp Business experience on Nexmo. The WhatsApp Business solution allows large businesses to communicate directly with customers, through a limited release that gives qualifying companies access to more than 1.5 billion users on the platform. As a solution provider for WhatsApp Business, Nexmo is excited to be providing their customers with a brand-new messaging experience to transform their customer and brand conversations.

Now that “chat” has emerged as a common part of our day-to-day lives, we tend to expect more of it from companies too. Chatting feels simple and convenient, and it’s often how many clients prefer to interact with their favourite businesses. People want immediate responses to their questions and simple discussions at any time of the day. If companies want to reach their customers on their level, they need to be willing to choose the channels that their clients prefer.

The arrival of WhatsApp Business on Nexmo will give the Nexmo platform even more opportunities to serve customers with excellent chat solutions.

Introducing Nexmo WhatsApp Business APIs

The range of easy-to-access APIs from Nexmo enhance the solution for WhatsApp Business by abstracting enterprise software and helping to optimise the messaging environment.

With Nexmo, users get:

  • A single and abstracted API experience: Through the WhatsApp API, companies will be able to send template messages that they choose, without having to handle enterprise-level software on the back-end. Businesses don’t have to scale, host, or even manage updates, as Nexmo handles everything for them
  • Real-time insights: Nexmo’s APIs also ensure that businesses can access real-time delivery insights that deliver more granular overviews into the status of sent messages. Companies will be able to see whether their messages were sent, read, delivers, or resulted in any errors. These insights will allow companies to improve their messaging strategy by providing content on their customer’s preferred channels and reducing operation costs
  • Optimal delivery strategies: To ensure that you always reach your customers, Nexmo provides an optional failover solution for SMS. This means that if a message isn’t read on WhatsApp, you can send the same content to SMS instead. This will reduce your risk of missing your customer

Additionally, in today’s age of higher demands for privacy and security, Nexmo goes above and beyond to maintain the integrity of sensitive information. All messages are encrypted from the Nexmo API to the user device.

Users can now request exclusive access to the WhatsApp API via Nexmo. The Nexmo team will work with businesses to ensure that they get properly onboarded with their new APIs.



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