Google Meet Enables YouTube Live Streaming  

James Stephen

Widespread rollout of the live streaming feature for meetings begins today

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Google Meet Enables YouTube Live Streaming  

Google Meet users can now live stream their meetings to YouTube with a widespread rollout starting today.  

The new feature began rolling out on July 21 and, from today, a more widespread rollout is underway for the next 15 days.  

Admins will be able to choose whether they would like to enable live streaming, as well as streaming permissions for meeting participants.  

According to the Google Workspace team: 

“Live streaming is useful in situations where you want to present information to large audiences outside of your organisation, giving them the opportunity to pause and replay as needed, or view the presentation at a later time.”  

Google Meet’s YouTube live streaming feature will be available to Google Workspace Individual users, Google One Premium plan members in selected regions, Google Workspace Enterprise Starter, Standard and Plus packages, and Education Plus, Teaching and Learning Upgrade customers.  

YouTube live streaming is not the first live streaming capability to come to Google Meet. Previously, Live Streaming was available in-house and cross-domain for users within the same organisation.  

Zoom released YouTube live streaming for meetings and webinars on July 17, shortly before Googe Meet.  

YouTube Live Streaming on Google Meet: Getting Started  

In order to start live streaming to YouTube on Meet, your YouTube channel must be approved for live streaming, which can take up to 24 hours.  

Admins can turn live streaming on or off at the OU, domain, or group level.  

End users will need to receive live streaming permissions from their admins.  

Google One and Workspace Individual users will automatically have access to live streaming features.  

Recent Google Workspace Releases  

Google Workspace announced a number of other updates earlier this week, including access controls to experimental Google Workspace apps, building bigger spaces in Google Chat, document edit notifications, anonymous questions and polling, calendar spam updates, a frequently used emoji section added, and more.  

Admins can now utilise the Experimental Apps Control setting to allow or reject access to applications and whether they can access their core service data.  

The number of members who can be added to a Google Chat space has been increased from 400 to 8000.  

Users can now choose to receive email notifications in Google Docs for changes to documents. Notification emails will list the changes made, who made them and when.  

Meeting participants will now be able to ask anonymous questions or engage anonymously with polls.  

To help prevent spam, there is now an option to only show events if they are from a recognised sender.  

A frequently used emojis section is being added to the Google Chat emoji picker to allow users to access their favourite emojis easily. 



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