GTT Provides Enhanced Universal CPE

Improving SD-WAN agility and performance

GTT Provides Enhanced Universal CPE

Known for their commitment to transforming global communications in the cloud-based environment, GTT is redefining UC strategies worldwide. Recently, the leading global cloud networking provider for multi-national clients announced the expansion of its SD-WAN service. Going forward, GTT will be delivering the capability to run a range of network applications on a single CPE. The universal customer premises network equipment device will allow for a more efficient and cost-effective delivery of network solutions.

With the GTT uCPE device, companies will have the freedom to access centralised management solutions for their software updates, as well as a more versatile service customisation environment. The new offering builds on GTT’s existing portfolio of outstanding services and solutions, focused on bringing agility, speed, and simplicity to the modern marketplace.

Introducing the GTT Universal CPE

The GTT company takes advantage of the flexibility of virtualised network function, otherwise known as VNF to serve its customers. Through VNF, GTT can deliver a host of unique services, including firewall security, WAN optimisation, and SD-WAN. The recent upgrade means that GTT can provide all of these services on the same uCPE device, reducing the need to deploy multiple devices at a single site for a client.

According to the CEO and president of GTT, Rick Calder, the company is excited to be expanding its portfolio of cloud networking services with new functionality. The brand will be continuing to expand on its SD-WAN offer with a range of additional features on the uCPE environment. This will allow GTT to connect enterprise clients to any setting in the world, as well as all of the applications in the cloud.

GTT’s SD-WAN offering delivers direct connectivity to a host of leading cloud service providers in tier 1 global network run by the company. The solution comes with 600 points of presence on 6 continents, as well as established relationships with thousands of network suppliers. This means that GTT can offer redundant options for last-mile connectivity world-wide.

An Excellent Opportunity from GTT

The uCPE environment from GTT means that the company can consolidate a variety of crucial network functions into a single device. Bringing WAN, firewall, and routing optimisation into a single space will significantly reduce hardware costs for companies and give them a much-needed boost in agility. Users will be able to manage remote offices with ease and roll out networking services according to their requirements.

The Executive Director of Research and Analytics for IHS Markit, Cliff Grossner, commented that the research from his company shows that interest in uCPE is growing significantly among companies that want to automate their edge connectivity management tools. It’s also an increasingly important consideration for service providers looking to deliver SD-WAN.



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