Highlight Review: A Platform to Empower Service Providers

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Updated: We look at the latest features added to Highlights MSP-focused offering

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Highlight Review: A Platform to Empower Service Providers

Highlight is a business dedicated to helping service providers succeed in a competitive landscape. The organisation offers a way to add value to your people and customers, boosting efficiency, productivity, and even brand reputation.

With more than 20 years of experience working with operators in the digital landscape, Highlight built a service providing enterprise-wide visibility into the connectivity SPs deliver. This visibility is also available to share with customers if you want to highlight what makes your brand different.

The single, service-based view provided by Highlight is accessible throughout the entire provider, reseller, and customer chain. This means Highlight can powerfully increase the sales of services, enhance operations and service management productivity, and transform customer relationships.

Let’s explore the Highlight platform.

Highlight History

Highlight has been helping service providers for more than two decades in the digital landscape, so they know their way around delivering exceptional services. The organisation empowers service providers to harness network and customer data in a way that positively increases commercial outcomes and streamlines customer communications.

Highlight’s platform addresses the issues service providers typically face when using traditional monitoring tools more intended for the enterprise. The company wanted to build a new system to fit precisely with the way service providers work. This system presents information that every member of the organisation can understand. It’s designed to be shared with your clients.

Highlight’s Service Provider customers appreciate the simple, frictionless visibility they get from the platform and believe that this technology leads to stronger relationships with their end-users.

Highlight Key Features

Modern service providers demand a reliable way of delivering fast, effective connectivity across various technologies, from 5G and WiFi to Ethernet, Broadband, and SD-WAN. This often involves using multiple upstream carriers in tandem while simultaneously trying to add more value and scalability. Highlight helps service providers achieve their goals without disrupting end-user pricing.

Highlight works with major companies like Onecom, Maintel, Claranet and Gamma, and the company’s proposition works with all kinds of service providers, from mid-sized, to large resellers.

The Highlight platform features:

  • Unique insights for the sales and service team
  • Easy to manage multi-tenant environment
  • Visibility into up-selling and cross-selling opportunities
  • Customer relationship overviews
  • Easy-to-read reports and analytics
  • Customisable and purpose-built dashboards
  • Easy deployment and configuration
  • Auditing for existing networks
  • Real white space analysis

Highlight’s information benefits service providers and their customers, adding more value to how companies and clients connect. Unlike other monitoring tools, Highlight offers reporting and visibility without the jargon so that you can share information with customers, MSP Resellers, and more.

Highlight also sets itself apart from the crowd as a highly shareable solution, putting more information in the hands of the people who can use it to improve performance and strengthen relationships.

Some of the latest developments include:

Growing support for SD-WAN platforms such as Cisco Meraki and Fortinet

Adding support for SD-WAN services from companies like Cisco Meraki and Fortinet gives service providers the ability to provide a valuable managed service on top of SD-WAN technology and its underlying network.

Service providers have complete visibility of all network services on a single pane of glass. They and their customers can see health, stability and load across their Meraki or Fortinet overlay networks, as well as the underlay connectivity on which the SD-WAN relies, such as 4G/5G cellular, Broadband and Ethernet.

It also brings in LAN elements such as WiFi and Ethernet switching, with the platform’s latest Grid View feature visualising these alongside the WAN to enhance the managed service further and provide a total, top-down picture.

Highlight says that portals provided by the SD-WAN vendors are primarily designed for a single enterprise and focus on their technology with no insight into other vendor technologies or the underlying networks. In contrast, Highlight is intended for service providers, enabling them to manage multiple technologies and commercial relationships, all within a secure multi-tenancy structure.

Enhanced Customer Reporting

A Reporting API lets users view historic and summarised data outside the Highlight Service Assurance Platform. Users can set the API to automatically feed data from the Highlight into an interactive reporting platform such as Microsoft Excel and Power BI or other platforms such as CRM and Service Desk suites.

Partners can download monthly or daily data across circuits, including WANs, LANs, Broadband, SD-WAN connections, WiFi and Cellular networks, to show the total availability of a network over a given period. They can then use the information to develop customer relationships further and enhance their managed services.

Upcoming Highlight Platform Features

Highlight’s service assurance platform constantly evolves to deliver more value to service providers and end-users. More than 10,000 organisations worldwide rely on this technology today, and Highlight is still introducing new solutions for business growth, such as:

  • New Cellular Clarity feature set with support for Cradlepoint and Peplink will help providers deliver higher-quality 4G and 5G data services
  • Enhanced support for WiFi from Ruckus and UIbiquiti
  • Enhanced integrations with other platforms: Webhooks support passing information between ticketing systems and Highlight.

Highlight Go to Market

Highlight focuses on reaching aggregator-level MSPs, resellers, and service providers keen to gain more visibility into their operations. To simplify the use of your Highlight experience, everything is built to make accessing information as straightforward as possible.

Companies can even review their entire IT estate using a bird’s-eye view and then zoom in on specific details to get more information for reports and insights. A cloud-based portal ensures companies have a centralised hub they can access at any moment, anywhere.

Highlight transforms your network’s value by strengthening how you assess your operations and connect with end-users. Sales managers can use Highlight to reduce churn and identify opportunities, while operations agents harness data and unlock the advantages of real-time updates. Service managers can use their visibility to understand the customer better, improve credibility, and proactively respond to issues.

Highlight has a solution for the full-service, multi-tenanted provider environment.

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