How Theta Lake’s Selective Archiving Helps IT Managers make Compliance and Business Users Equally Happy 

UC Today spoke with Kathryn Lodato, VP of Global Marketing at Theta Lake

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How Theta Lake's Selective Archiving Helps IT Managers make Compliance and Business Users Equally Happy - UC Today
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Published: October 13, 2022

David Bradley


Imagine you are an IT manager. 

You have just implemented an enterprise-wide, global unified communications system. You’ve weighed up the pros and cons of the many solutions. You’ve considered hybrid working, bringing your own device and the inherent security challenges. You’ve ensured that above all, even the most technophobe users can easily navigate round and use the system.  

You receive the greenlight. Now your reputation is on the line. 

But you have a problem.   

The system is dead easy to use. But it’s not being used to its full potential. Some of the most important features are being ignored – especially by those who stand most to gain: the businesses rainmakers. 

Effective use of AI  

Luckily there is a technological solution. It involves what’s called Selective Archiving.  

Financial services businesses are in a quandary.  

Regulators are now aware of potential consequences of hybrid work and unmonitored applications. They expect firms to know what tools their workers are using.   

In most jurisdictions, every call and in-meeting chat, emoji, whiteboard, and poll must be monitored and archived compliantly.    

But for many IT managers, the legacy email archiving tools cannot archive virtual meetings and video.  

That means huge:  

  • Staff recourses to physically monitor hundreds of hours of video and audio 
  • Archiving expenses  

One option is to turn off key features like in meeting chat, file sharing and whiteboards. But that has disastrous consequences for client relationships. 

Another is to skip monitoring altogether. This risks nefarious activities taking place unnoticed. Of course, regulators are bound to find out – which means crippling fines.   

So many firms have been in touch with compliance tech platform Theta Lake. 

With Theta Lake’s Selective Archiving, firms can turn on the functionality that staff need to run effective, profitable meetings. Yet compliance leaders can still extract the meeting elements (i.e. chat, polls, and whiteboards) they want to retain and review. 

There’s no disruption or risks to existing tools, processes and systems. 

  •  It seamlessly fits into the compliance environment
  •  Deployment is quick, easy and transparent   
  •  It makes existing, and multiple, archives and e-discovery systems more valuable

 “With Theta Lake there is no need to replace your existing archive. Selective Archiving supports routing and retention of meeting elements to third party archives,” comments Kathryn Lodato, VP of Global Marketing at Theta Lake. 

“Staff can search across all platforms and retain virtual meeting elements,” continues Lodato. “They can support leading platforms, including Zoom, Cisco WebEx and Microsoft Teams. In other words, it empowers users AND enforces compliance.”  

Significantly, with ever-increasing digital communications volumes (and so violation risks) Theta Lake’s Selective Archiving helps compliance officers become more productive dealing with this otherwise painful headache. 

Theta Lake means:   

  • Compliance teams are more relieved and productive 
  • Employees are more engaged and empowered 
  • IT departments keep costs low, leveraging in-house resources (such as archiving) 

That should even keep the rainmakers happy. 

Click here to know how Theta Lake’s Selective Archiving can benefit your business. 



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